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Bangkok Flood

Grief is still delighted to survive flood cases in Thailand. Is Yingluck Shinawatra, Thai Prime Minister who proposed that Bangkok, the capital of the White Elephant of State, it would be submerged in flood water for a month. "The threat that rising water would continue to rise," Yingluck said in a statement on local television, today.

Yingluck further illustrate, if all the flooding in Bangkok barrier is broken, then the 1.5-meter-high flood would inundate Bangkok. "After seeing the situation, we estimate the flood will hit Bangkok about two weeks to one month before the flood comes down to the sea," said Yingluck, as AP and AFP.

"The situation is not as serious as in other regions. We would not face the water as high as two to three feet and continued flooding of up to three months as we see in other provinces," he added.

Previously, Don Muang Airport in Bangkok have been closed as floodwaters spread in the northern region. The government has also urged residents in some areas in the city to prepare to leave their homes.

One million

In addition to reminding the threat to the dangers that threaten the city's flood, the government also has announced a five-day holiday that will begin to take place on Thursday (27/10/2011) tomorrow. Provision for five-day holiday is intended that residents have the opportunity to move their own furniture to a higher area.

The Thai government is currently also has prepared a special guard in a number of important buildings that are not affected by the floods more severe. According Yingluck, guarding specifically performed in the royal palace and the electrical control center.

The Thai government said the floods have provided substantial economic impact for the country. Tourist arrivals from abroad are expected to drop up to one million people due to flooding this time.

Meanwhile, seven industrial centers located in three cities, namely Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and has been closed some time ago. This closure resulted in approximately 650,000 people had to stop work temporarily.

Losses due to this closure is estimated to reach billions of dollars and disrupt the supply of a number of other industries outside of Thailand. The Thai government has approved a package of 325 billion U.S. dollars to help the economic recovery due to this flooding.

Naomi Wolf Arrested in Wall Street Occupy

Naomi Wolf, the actual famous feminist writer as well as campaigner, may be imprisoned from a good Occupy Wall Street protest outdoors a good honours wedding ceremony kept in order to honor Brand new York's governor.

Naomi Wolf along with a friend had been brought aside within handcuffs in the road before Skylight Galleries within New york.

Within, the brand new You are able to condition governor, Tim Cuomo, had been given the actual "game changer of the year" honor in the Huffington Post web site, that Naomi Wolf is really a factor.

Naomi Wolf had been detained following disregarding law enforcement alerts to remain from the road while watching creating as well as the place where a group around 50 Take up Walls Road protesters experienced collected.

Naomi Wolf have been in the occasion, located through Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington as well as went to through numerous celebs, such as the actuality TELEVISION celebrity Kim Kardashian, who had been given a "business leader" award.

The actual protesters reached the big event within SoHo to show their own assistance of the "millionaires' tax", that Cuomo, the Democrat, opposes.

Based on Ryan Devereaux, the media reporter for that liberal TV news organisation Democracy Now, a few chanted: "Where is Cuomo? Protecting the 1%!"

There is the challenge along with law enforcement, that stated protesters had been obstructing the actual pavement. Naomi Wolf arrived as well as informed all of them these people "didn't require a enable for any megaphone".

Based on an additional see, Naomi Wolf objected to some law enforcement officer's declaration how the team had been obstructing the road. "Tell it to the judge," the actual official is actually documented to possess stated.

It had been not clear exactly what costs Naomi Wolf, writer from the best-selling guide The Beauty Myth, may encounter. Many people detained throughout the month-long protests happen to be imprisoned upon misdemeanors.

Witnesses stated protesters marched to some close by law enforcement precinct, exactly where these people chanted as well as sang tunes. The officer arrived from the creating as well as utilized the actual protesters' now-famous "human mic" call-and-response program to inform all of them Hair have been launched through an additional precinct following becoming released having a summons.

Previously at night, it had been exposed that the Ny Law enforcement Division analysis experienced censured the officer that utilized spice up squirt upon Take up Walls Road protesters final 30 days.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna encounters dropping 10 holiday times following the event upon 24 September close to Marriage Sq ., soon after the actual protests started within reduce New york, based on the Associated Press.

Movie in the protests exhibits a little number of mainly ladies corralled through lemon coming up utilized by officials to manage crowds of people. Bologna methods as well as apparently unexpectedly blasted the bunch associated with ladies along with spice up squirt. 2 from the ladies crumple about the pavement within discomfort. 1 screams.

The actual event started outrage through demonstrators as well as assisted launch the actual motion to the press limelight.

Dennis Ritchie dies, The world lost the C programmer

After the departure of Steve Jobs, the information technology world again lost an important figure. He is Dennis Ritchie, an American computer expert, who died Wednesday (12/10/2011) at the age of 70 years.

Perhaps no one knows the name of Dennis Ritchie, he's not as famous as Steve Jobs. However, his services in the history of the computer world no less than Steve Jobs. Ritchie is the one who makes the programming language C.

Dennis Ritchie created the C language is the basis for today's modern operating systems, such as Linux, Apple MacOS, and Android. Without Ritchie, may have no computers and applications as you wear today.

As quoted from CNet, Ritchie's death was first obtained from old colleagues Ritchie, Rob Pikedi through a posting on Google +. The news was later confirmed by the Bell Labs, the first place where Ritchie started his career.

Apart from being the inventor of the C language, Dennis Ritchie is also famous for his writings in a book entitled "The C Programming Language". This book became a "bible" mandatory for programmers around the world. He also contributed a great deal in the development of the Unix operating system, this makes it to receive the Turing Award in 1983 (with Kenneth Thompson).

Dennis Ritchie is a role model and teacher for all the programmers / developers around the world. His departure is certainly a big loss for them and of course the world of information technology.

Good-bye, Dennis Ritchie.

Phoenix Jones in Seattle court

Phoenix Jones in Court

A surprising and unique story about a superhero, Phoenix Jones, came from Seattle, United States. In a news portal, phoenix jones mentioned attending a court by wearing their superhero costumes. A uniqueness that is rare in this world.

Who is Phoenix Jones ?

According to the article which might release their own in wikipedia pages, Phoenix Jones (born John Francis Benjamin Fodor, 1988) is the leader of a ten-member group of real-life superhero Called the Rain City Superhero Movement, the which Operates in Seattle and Lynnwood, Washington . In a CBS Channel 7 news broadcast, Jones is shown entering a back room of an unnamed comic book store in the which he changes into the which costume consists of a bulletproof vest and stab plating, as well as a stun baton and oleoresin capsicum or tear gas personal defense spray.

phoenix jones
Ben Fodor, a self-styled superhero who goes by the name Phoenix Jones, leaves a Seattle court. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) AP

The  Cause of Phoenix Jones Presence

The presence of Phoenix Jones in real life, probably inspired by superhero characters in the comic. However, actions taken by members of the Phoenix Jones is breaking the law. They do vigilante, and they have no authority. Jone Phoenix has also recorded many violations of law.

But may be this is one of the weak form of public confidence in law enforcement. Phoenix Jones could be an inspiration for the emergence of Phoenix Jones Superhero another or others.

The issue of Yahoo Acquisition by Microsoft

Yahoo Acquisition

The issue of acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft pushed back. Companies engaged in the IT field is reportedly eyeing Yahoo again.

Yahoo, which currently has a market value of 20 billion U.S. dollars, is seeking a strategic investor since ejecting Carol Bartz as CEO in September 2011.

Several other companies that Yahoo is trying to hook the attention of Providence Equity Partners; Hellman & Friedman; Silver Lake Partners; enterprise e-commerce giant China, which Alibaba, and technology investment firms from Russia, namely the Global DST.

Yahoo shares immediately jumped to 10.1 percent to 15.92 dollars after rumors circulated. However, at the close on Thursday (10/06/2011) on Nasdaq, shares of Yahoo fell to 15.34 U.S. dollars. As for Microsoft's stock closed up 2.2 percent higher to 25.89 U.S. dollars.

yahoo acquisition

Microsoft has a great chance in Yahoo Acquisition

Market view, Microsoft became one of the most potential investors to the stock tucked Yahoo. The combination of both are expected to form an ecosystem that is tough enough.

Microsoft and Yahoo's own record has a pretty good relationship. In 2009, both have announced a cooperation in the search business (integration Bing), online advertising, and more cooperation.

That's what makes the prediction that Microsoft has a greater chance than other potential investors. "The value of Yahoo is not grown in recent years. Some executives felt compelled to do something for the sake of continuity of the company's business forward," said the executive source told Reuters.

He continued, Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co. as financial adviser to Yahoo is preparing financial information to prospective strategic investors. Unfortunately, until the news was revealed, Yahoo and Microsoft officials are reluctant to give comment.

Just a flashback, in 2008, Microsoft had offered Yahoo a price of 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 33 dollars per share. Unfortunately, the seduction founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, then, that Microsoft is re-pricing their bids, immediately got a crude rejection of Microsoft's CEO.

The offer from Yahoo made by Jerry Yang on the sidelines of the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco after the void Yahoo working with Google in the advertising field in 2008.

Google resign because of cooperation between them would be disputed by the Government of the United States for violating laws on business competition there.

Anti Wall Street Action Get Support

A number of U.S. unions supporting the movement sit on Wall Street that has lasted two weeks and plan to join the protesters were street theater in New York on Wednesday (05/10/2011) local time, said labor leaders.

"It's very simple. The young people on Wall Street was being voiced many issues that American workers have faced over the past few years," said Larry Hanley, president of Amalgamated Transit Union International, which has 20,000 members in the New York area, told CNN .

"The young people spoke on behalf of most Americans are frustrated by the bankers and brokers who have make profits for their hard work of others," added Hanley said in a statement. "While we fight for it day after day, month after month, the millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street sit, untouched, and lecturing us about the extent of our sacrifice."

Workers Union Support for Anti Wall Street

Anti Wall Street

A spokesman for Transport Workers Union Local 100, Jim Gannon, said, sit on the movement of Wall Street, who denounced social injustice of the financial system and get inspiration from the Spring revolution in Arab North Africa and the Middle East, have further issues were strongly associated with unions. "Their goal is our goal," said Gannon. "They highlight the problems that we believe .... (that) Wall Street caused the first explosion and then even free, temporary workers, transport workers, ready to take any, were forced to pay for its impact. The young man has brought the spotlight bright enough , "added Gannon. "It's kind of a natural alliance."

President of the United Federation of Teachers to New York City, Michael Mulgrew, who had 200,000 members, said he was "proud" to support the protesters who have camped in New York and elsewhere across the country. "The way our society is headed is not suitable for 99 percent of the people, then sit on Wall Street when it started ... they just get that issue and they have been able to create a national discussion that we think should happen for years," said Mulgrew.

Union officials could not provide projections of how many members who will take leave from work on Wednesday, then joined in the protests. The demonstrators have set up a bivouac in the park in the Financial District of New York and invited 20,000 people to flood the area for "a few months."

The protest campaign, which uses hashtag # occupywallstreet on microblogging site Twitter, began in July with the launch of a website a simple campaign that calls for marches and sit on the New York Stock Exchange. Over the last two weeks, the demonstrations have been discussing various issues, including police brutality, busting unions, economic issues, the group said.

Anti Wall Street Action Spreads

Sitting on Wall Street is a movement without a leader who led mostly by young 20-something years that upset with the state of the economy, the war in Afghanistan, environmental conditions, conditions the U.S. and the world at large. In less than three weeks, the movement has become a magnet for many Americans who are not satisfied, when the majority of Americans believes that the country was on the wrong track. Similar protests have spread to Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston.

Eurozone Crisis

Debt  crisis in the eurozone raises again the debate that has emerged more than 10 years. Euro single currency it worth running? Another question, can the economic system of the United States with U.S. dollars applied in the eurozone single currency the euro?

Jacques Lucien Jean Delors (86) used to doubt it. French economist and politician currently serves as President of the European Commission (now European Union) in the period 1985 to 1995. The reason, difficult for some countries have a single currency without a surrender of sovereignty to the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Single Currency in Eurozone


Delors warned, the use of a single currency with only one central bank (European Central Bank / ECB) is not sufficient if not accompanied by an economic policy.

One currency is implicitly a single flag, while the eurozone comprises 17 countries with different flags and different economic and political policies. Relative EU or the euro zone is only one view about foreign policy, not in terms of economic policy and politics.

German news website Deutsche Welle (DW) in September 16 issue of re-interviewed Martin Feldstein is also related to similar issues. Similar issues are also written in the U.S. daily Washington Post issue of 24 September. He is Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers (1982-1984) under President Ronald Reagan.

Feldstein is also a member of the Advisory Council of Economic Recovery in 2009 was appointed President Barack Obama.

DW recalled an article that was ever written Feldstein in 1997 or five years before the euro actually physically used (2002).

At that time, Feldstein concludes the euro will give birth to great friction in the eurozone, whose members now grown to 17 countries-initially from 11 countries.

Economics professor from Harvard University, USA, provides vivid examples of why the euro resulted in friction. "Germans love to save, while Greece was busy To consume," said Feldstein.

Greece will be released from Eurozone

Feldstein has long questioned the premise behind the intention of the use and application of the euro, and only had to see the success of United States of America, which is expected to give birth United States of Europe.

"The U.S. has an economic policy, one government, and the free flow of goods, citizens of one state to another state. Things like this do not automatically occur in the eurozone because of different cultures and languages ​​that hinder the free flow of goods and services, "said Feldstein.

"What is happening now in the eurozone is a political conflict that has been predicted long ago," he said. He was referring to the accusation of German citizens and politicians that the Greek economy has helped to drag them. On the other hand, the Greek judge, Germans are not in solidarity as a fellow member of the eurozone.

One weakness of the euro single currency is the bias factor of market information. For 10 years Greece has a stable euro, low inflation. Greece considers the stability of the euro and the low inflation euro as economic performance, but they hide behind the success of Germany.

He gave an example, the stability of the euro, all countries using the euro could borrow money euro low-interest long. Low interest is advantageous Greece, which economic productivity is very low when compared to Germany with high productivity. "These things still hold true today," said Feldstein.

Greek economic policy is not careful the eurozone does not look dangerous when the amount owed is still very small. Today, Greece is a large accumulation of debt, followed by similar problems in Portugal and Ireland. Simultaneously, this causes big problems in the eurozone, the debt crisis that has rocked the stability of the euro exchange rate.

Related to that, Feldstein estimates that Greece will return to the old currency drachmas. Greece will also be forced to perform the task yourself with a clean economy.

He estimates that the eurozone will not survive with existing members today. Euro still exist, but the number of members will be reduced. He said the euro zone or the euro single currency can only exist if all member states have an economic policy which is relatively uniform and uniform also about economics.

Every a Kindle Fire, Amazon's Loss 10 U.S. Dollar

Amazon's Loss 10 U.S. Dollar for  one Kindle Fire

Each sale of a  Kindle Fire, Amazon was not immediately reap the benefits, but rather a loss of 10 U.S. dollars. Because the Kindle Fire production cost per unit was 210 U.S. dollars, while the selling price is only 199 U.S. dollars.

A market research firm, iSuppli IHS, analyze that to make the Kindle Fire, Amazon reached 191.65 U.S. dollars only for its hardware. Exact total including the cost of production and the other reached 209.63 U.S. dollars.

kindle fire
Kindle Fire

 The Amazon Profit from Kindle Fire

Then, how can Amazon make a profit? As previously predicted, Kindle Fire is not sold as a mere device. Amazon Kindle Fire designing a device for accessing digital content Amazon, which targeted a major source of profits.

So, if compared, then a Kindle Fire buyer must spend money more than 10 dollars so the benefits can be obtained. Reasonable amount, or even may be too low, because the user would have to spend more over the years.

Almost certainly, the Amazon would not be a big loss in real terms. IHS iSuppli make a statement that the appeal of the Kindle Fire precisely on what would be obtained with these devices. So, like a supermarket just, Kindle Fire makes the user gets the goods, while content providers have benefited.

Anti Wall Street Demonstrations

About 500 demonstrators arrested in anti Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City on Saturday (01/10/2011) afternoon. Police said, protesters were part of a group of protesters who had camped near Wall Street for two weeks.

Protesters arrested for blocking traffic lanes and tried to hold an anti wall street parade unofficial along the road. The group was protesting corporate greed, and say they represent 99 percent of the U.S. population against the richest 1 percent. This movement also protested home foreclosures, high unemployment, and funding the bailout of 2008.

Anti Wall Street

anti wall street
anti wall street

The Causes of Anti Wall Street Protests

"It's not fair, the government supports big corporations rather than people," said demonstrator Henry James Ferry.

The police claimed the arrests were made after police several times to give warning to the anti wall street demonstrators did not occupy the street . "Some comply, but some are just close ranks and walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, so we caught," said a spokeswoman for local police.

Action of anti Wall Street rallies have been held since 17 September in Manhattan and they stayed there. Several hundred people remained camped at Zuccotti Park, not far from Wall Street.

In fact, on Friday, about 2,000 people occupied the Wall Street to protest the arrests of anti wall street demonstrans made in the previous week. On 25 September, as many as 80 people were arrested during the march took place, where most of it is considered disorderly conduct and blocking traffic.

This group has the support of several union members. United Federation of Teachers and the Transport Workers Union Local which has 38,000 members, including giving support. A series of anti wall street protests of small-scale also appeared in other U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.