Anti Wall Street Demonstrations

About 500 demonstrators arrested in anti Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City on Saturday (01/10/2011) afternoon. Police said, protesters were part of a group of protesters who had camped near Wall Street for two weeks.

Protesters arrested for blocking traffic lanes and tried to hold an anti wall street parade unofficial along the road. The group was protesting corporate greed, and say they represent 99 percent of the U.S. population against the richest 1 percent. This movement also protested home foreclosures, high unemployment, and funding the bailout of 2008.

Anti Wall Street

anti wall street
anti wall street

The Causes of Anti Wall Street Protests

"It's not fair, the government supports big corporations rather than people," said demonstrator Henry James Ferry.

The police claimed the arrests were made after police several times to give warning to the anti wall street demonstrators did not occupy the street . "Some comply, but some are just close ranks and walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, so we caught," said a spokeswoman for local police.

Action of anti Wall Street rallies have been held since 17 September in Manhattan and they stayed there. Several hundred people remained camped at Zuccotti Park, not far from Wall Street.

In fact, on Friday, about 2,000 people occupied the Wall Street to protest the arrests of anti wall street demonstrans made in the previous week. On 25 September, as many as 80 people were arrested during the march took place, where most of it is considered disorderly conduct and blocking traffic.

This group has the support of several union members. United Federation of Teachers and the Transport Workers Union Local which has 38,000 members, including giving support. A series of anti wall street protests of small-scale also appeared in other U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

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