Phoenix Jones in Seattle court

Phoenix Jones in Court

A surprising and unique story about a superhero, Phoenix Jones, came from Seattle, United States. In a news portal, phoenix jones mentioned attending a court by wearing their superhero costumes. A uniqueness that is rare in this world.

Who is Phoenix Jones ?

According to the article which might release their own in wikipedia pages, Phoenix Jones (born John Francis Benjamin Fodor, 1988) is the leader of a ten-member group of real-life superhero Called the Rain City Superhero Movement, the which Operates in Seattle and Lynnwood, Washington . In a CBS Channel 7 news broadcast, Jones is shown entering a back room of an unnamed comic book store in the which he changes into the which costume consists of a bulletproof vest and stab plating, as well as a stun baton and oleoresin capsicum or tear gas personal defense spray.

phoenix jones
Ben Fodor, a self-styled superhero who goes by the name Phoenix Jones, leaves a Seattle court. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) AP

The  Cause of Phoenix Jones Presence

The presence of Phoenix Jones in real life, probably inspired by superhero characters in the comic. However, actions taken by members of the Phoenix Jones is breaking the law. They do vigilante, and they have no authority. Jone Phoenix has also recorded many violations of law.

But may be this is one of the weak form of public confidence in law enforcement. Phoenix Jones could be an inspiration for the emergence of Phoenix Jones Superhero another or others.

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