Dennis Ritchie dies, The world lost the C programmer

After the departure of Steve Jobs, the information technology world again lost an important figure. He is Dennis Ritchie, an American computer expert, who died Wednesday (12/10/2011) at the age of 70 years.

Perhaps no one knows the name of Dennis Ritchie, he's not as famous as Steve Jobs. However, his services in the history of the computer world no less than Steve Jobs. Ritchie is the one who makes the programming language C.

Dennis Ritchie created the C language is the basis for today's modern operating systems, such as Linux, Apple MacOS, and Android. Without Ritchie, may have no computers and applications as you wear today.

As quoted from CNet, Ritchie's death was first obtained from old colleagues Ritchie, Rob Pikedi through a posting on Google +. The news was later confirmed by the Bell Labs, the first place where Ritchie started his career.

Apart from being the inventor of the C language, Dennis Ritchie is also famous for his writings in a book entitled "The C Programming Language". This book became a "bible" mandatory for programmers around the world. He also contributed a great deal in the development of the Unix operating system, this makes it to receive the Turing Award in 1983 (with Kenneth Thompson).

Dennis Ritchie is a role model and teacher for all the programmers / developers around the world. His departure is certainly a big loss for them and of course the world of information technology.

Good-bye, Dennis Ritchie.

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