Bangkok Flood

Grief is still delighted to survive flood cases in Thailand. Is Yingluck Shinawatra, Thai Prime Minister who proposed that Bangkok, the capital of the White Elephant of State, it would be submerged in flood water for a month. "The threat that rising water would continue to rise," Yingluck said in a statement on local television, today.

Yingluck further illustrate, if all the flooding in Bangkok barrier is broken, then the 1.5-meter-high flood would inundate Bangkok. "After seeing the situation, we estimate the flood will hit Bangkok about two weeks to one month before the flood comes down to the sea," said Yingluck, as AP and AFP.

"The situation is not as serious as in other regions. We would not face the water as high as two to three feet and continued flooding of up to three months as we see in other provinces," he added.

Previously, Don Muang Airport in Bangkok have been closed as floodwaters spread in the northern region. The government has also urged residents in some areas in the city to prepare to leave their homes.

One million

In addition to reminding the threat to the dangers that threaten the city's flood, the government also has announced a five-day holiday that will begin to take place on Thursday (27/10/2011) tomorrow. Provision for five-day holiday is intended that residents have the opportunity to move their own furniture to a higher area.

The Thai government is currently also has prepared a special guard in a number of important buildings that are not affected by the floods more severe. According Yingluck, guarding specifically performed in the royal palace and the electrical control center.

The Thai government said the floods have provided substantial economic impact for the country. Tourist arrivals from abroad are expected to drop up to one million people due to flooding this time.

Meanwhile, seven industrial centers located in three cities, namely Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and has been closed some time ago. This closure resulted in approximately 650,000 people had to stop work temporarily.

Losses due to this closure is estimated to reach billions of dollars and disrupt the supply of a number of other industries outside of Thailand. The Thai government has approved a package of 325 billion U.S. dollars to help the economic recovery due to this flooding.

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