Kindle Fire, Amazon New Kindle

As previously rumored, were really Amazon finally released its first tablet device called Kindle Fire. Tablet with a 7-inch screen will be priced at 199 U.S. dollars only.

Kindle Fire using the latest version of the Android operating system that has been modified and equipped with dual core processors. In addition to standard applications are supported through the Android Market, Amazon uses the tablet to display its flagship services.

kindle fire
Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder Show Kindle Fire tablets in New York

"It is a service from upstream to downstream," said Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, in a ceremony in New York on Wednesday (28/09/2011), quoted by Fox site. Not just an online bookstore that services will become a magnet device, but also other Amazon services.

For example, Amazon Prime to watch movies online subscription costs 79 U.S. dollars per year. Kindle Through Fire, listening to music can also be done easily by accessing the Amazon store. Amazon already took Fox to provide content to the front and middle of exploring cooperation with Netflix and Pandora. Great Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Memory capacity that is included is only 8 GB. However, Amazon provides online data storage service free of charge to the user to collect movies, books, and music.

This device is not equipped with a camera. The first models will be sold also only supports access via WiFi wireless connections. Kindle Fire will be available to consumers beginning November 15.

In addition to Fire Kindle, Amazon is also using the momentum this time to launch three new Kindle models. Each using black and white screen from E-ink as previously Kindle.

First, the Kindle Touch 3G which uses a touch screen with infrared sensors and can access 3G sold 149 dollars. Second, a similar model but without 3G access is sold for 99 U.S. dollars. And lastly, the Kindle version nonsentuh economical with the screen and without 3G is sold only 79 U.S. dollars.

Floyd Mayweather Controversial Victory

U.S. boxer, Floyd Mayweather won the WBC welterweight title in a controversial fight.

Floyd Mayweather beat defending champion Victor Ortiz KO in round 4. However, this incident is considered controversial because it is done without the knowledge of referee Joe Cortez.

Genesis began when Cortez Ortiz cut the value of committing Headbutt against his opponent. Ortiz who feel guilty about apologizing to hug Floyd Mayweather.

floyd mayweather
Floyd Mayweather
When the two boxers meet again at the center of the ring and the referee has not given the cue, Ortiz again embraced Floyd Mayweather. However, U.S. boxer Ortiz is a direct hit hard twice on his face.

Ortiz immediately collapsed and, strangely, instantly calculate Ortiz Cortez and stated that he lost KO and Floyd Mayweather is the winner.

Mysterious Fireball Crossing 7 State

A mysterious fireball streaking across the night sky the United States on Wednesday (14/09/2011) local time, and shocked residents who saw it.

Fireball can be seen by some residents in seven states in the western U.S., from Phoenix, Las Vegas, down to the coast in southern California.

Report sightings of the mysterious objects overwhelm the authorities and media offices in the territories. Residents say they saw a bluish-green fireball flew rapidly from west to east around the western U.S. time 19:45 (Pacific Daylight Time / PDT or 9:45 pm today at around Thursday, 09/15/2011).

Some other residents reported, the object is colored yellow and orange. Several witnesses had time to record the object and upload it on YouTube.

Various speculations emerged about the fireball that, starting from the plane that crashed alien beings to ordinary airplane accident.

However, Program Manager Sky Objects Near Earth (Near-Earth Object) Don Yeomans of NASA said the mysterious object was most likely a kind of large meteors that are scientifically called "ball of fire" (Fireball).

"We can not ensure 100 percent, but almost certainly the object is a ball of fire, a meteor the size of a basketball or baseball which broke out before falling to the ground," said Yeomans.

Yeomans added, the fireball is usually caused by fragments of asteroids that enter Earth's atmosphere. Bluish green color reported eyewitnesses indicate that the object contains elements of magnesium and nickel, while the citizens of orange indicates that the object enters the atmosphere with a speed of several kilometers per second, which is comparatively moderate speed for a meteor.

According to NASA scientists, the fireballs are more rare than a shooting star, meteor smaller categories.

However, the fireball is almost always happens every week somewhere on Earth, usually above the sea, so they rarely saw anyone. "It is a common natural phenomenon and nothing to worry about," said Yeomans.

A spokesman for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ian Gregor, also has stated, there is no flight incidents involving aircraft in the western U.S. at this time. (AP / DHF)

Pakistan floods kill 260 people

Heavy rains since a few days ago did not go away in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. As a result, the flood had swept the province in the southern Pakistan.

Until Tuesday (09/13/2011), data collected showed a total of 260 people were killed because of the disaster. Most of the victims died because of falling roofs and walls of buildings.

Ironically, this year's flooding was more severe than in 2010. The city of Karachi was paralyzed. Puddles everywhere. Schools and markets closed, while residents who went to work so just leave their vehicles on the roads are flooded. In rural areas many residents who fled into the streets without food.

Disastrous ends even as it reluctantly. You see, as the AP and AFP on Wednesday, storage facilities for refugees minimal amount.

More than five million people were affected by floods that destroyed no less than one million houses. "All we know is 22 of 23 districts are flooded," said Andro Shilakadze, aid workers working for the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).

"Many people are forced to evacuate even though we do not have exact data. What is clear, not all of them are in the tents shelter," he added.
"Among those refusing to evacuate and are at the roadside in order to monitor and maintain their livestock," said Shilakadze added.

France Nuclear Accident

The explosion at a nuclear facility in Marcoule France killing one person and injuring four others. According to news channel BFM on Monday (9/12/2011), nuclear facilities were located in the south of France. The incident occurred in the storage of nuclear waste at noon.

French media reports have warned about the risk of spreading radioactive leak when the explosion occurred. French independent nuclear monitors, ASN, said fears it could happen.

Police, firefighters, and medical service officers have been sent to the scene. Rescue helicopter had been deployed.

Not only that, security posts have also been erected around the scene. The location was also closed to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Chile Earthquake

An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale shook the area of ​​Antofagasta, Chile, on Thursday (09/08/2011) at 22:33:53 local time. USGS reported Friday, the epicenter is located in south latitude 22.430 and 68.648 West longitude with a depth of 95.2 kilometers.

Epicenter was located 29 km northeast of Calama, Chile, 224 km northeast of Antofagasta, Chile, 288 km southeast Iguique, Chile, and 1159 km northwest of Asuncion, Paraguay.

Sex Education for Kids

A kindergarten school in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, China, to teach sex education with dolls as props.

TK Yaolan set up four dolls, which consists of dolls mother, father, and two boys and girls. With the doll, the teacher taught sex education. Including on the genitals of men and women, reproductive function, and origin of the baby.

But the lesson is causing concern among parents. "I'm afraid this lesson be bad for children because they have knowledge of sex that early," said one parent told the Shanghai Daily.

China is one country with the highest abortion rates in the world. Like many other countries, China was also "confused" looking for ways to effectively teach sex education to children in school.

AP reported, a study conducted in 2009, found that two thirds of adults and young people China has "very limited knowledge about reproductive health." Nevertheless, they are open to sex outside of marriage.

Meanwhile, according to China Daily, each year two-thirds of cases of abortions performed by women aged 20-29 years, most of whom are unmarried.

Last August, the Chinese government announced an experimental program on sex education. The new program is conducted in 18 schools in Beijing.

In a program that began in the new school year, students ranging in age from 6 years old get a lesson from "Growing Steps", a book featuring images of sex and exposure.

About Twin Towers - New York

Following the 767 aircraft lining crashed to the globe industry middle creating making the actual most detrimental horror assault ever, the fireplace burnt with regard to 56 min's within the Globe Industry Middle creating quantity 2. The very best 20 flooring from the creating hit bottom about the ninety flooring beneath. The whole a hundred as well as ten-story creating hit bottom within 8 mere seconds... Following a fireplace burnt within WTC structure number 1 with regard to 102 min's, the very best thirty flooring hit bottom about the reduce eighty flooring. And also the whole a hundred as well as 10 tales of the creating hit bottom within 10 mere seconds. You are able to state the main reason these people hit bottom had been these were hit having a 185 lot aircraft airliner and also the twenty-four, 000 gallons associated with aircraft energy triggered the fireplace associated with 1500 in order to 2000 levels Farrenheit that destabilized the actual metal as well as trigger the actual fall. Or even you are able to have a nearer consider the structures building from the WTC structures. And get your self the reason why do these types of buildings fall therefore quick and thus totally. The solution are available through analyzing high-rise building within Nyc in the last 50 many years
Globe Industry Middle structure building

When it comes to structural program the actual double systems deceased totally through additional high-rise structures. Traditional skyscrapers because the nineteenth hundred years happen to be constructed with the skeletal system associated with inside helping posts which facilitates the actual framework. Outside wall space associated with cup metal or even artificial materials don't have any kind of fill. The actual Double systems tend to be significantly various within structural style since the outside walls can be used since the load-bearing walls. (A lot showing walls facilitates the actual pounds from the flooring. )#) The only real inside posts can be found within the primary region, that offers the elevators. The actual external walls bears the actual creating up and down lots and offers the whole opposition in order to blowing wind. The actual walls includes carefully spread up and down posts (twenty one posts 10 ft aside) linked collectively through horizontally spandrel supports which girdle the actual structure from each and every ground. Within the actual framework the ground areas contain trusses comprising in the primary towards the external walls.
Showing wall space as well as Open up ground style

Once the aircraft liners crashed to the systems based on understanding of the actual structure building as well as high-rise firefighting go through the subsequent occurred: Very first the actual airplane shattered with the tubular steel-bearing walls. This particular began the actual creating failing. Following the actual overflowing, disintegrating, 185-ton aircraft airplane slid throughout a good open up workplace ground region as well as cut most of the metal inside posts within the middle primary region. Airplane components additionally crashed with the plasterboard-enclosed stairways, reducing from the leaves in the top flooring. The actual aircraft hit bottom the actual ceilings as well as scraped the majority of the spray-on fireplace slowing asbestos in the metal trusses. The actual metal truss ground facilitates most likely began to fall short rapidly in the fire and also the middle metal helping posts cut through airplane components warmed through the fire started to buckle, sag, warp as well as fall short. Then your best the main structure crashed lower about the reduce part of the actual framework. This particular pancake fall brought on the whole cascading down fall from the 110-story framework.
Metal Framework

Probably the most apparent alter within the contemporary high-rise building is really a pattern in order to utilizing much more metal as well as framing light-weight metal in to pipes, figure, as well as perspectives to improve it's fill showing capacity. The actual WTC offers tubular metal showing wall space, fluted corrugated metal floors as well as curved club metal truss ground facilitates. To some contemporary higher increase creating custom metal framework is actually affordable as well as cement is really a pricey materials. For any high-rise structural body: posts, girders, flooring as well as wall space, metal offers higher power for each lb compared to cement. Cement is actually large. Cement produces extreme pounds within the framework of the creating. Designers, creative designers, as well as contractors just about all understand should you get rid of cement from the framework you've got a creating which dumbbells much less. If you produce a lighter in weight creating you should use posts, girders as well as supports associated with scaled-down measurements, or even even better you should use exactly the same dimension metal framework as well as develop a higher framework. Within Information You are able to Town exactly where room is restricted you have to construct higher. The actual pattern in the last half-century would be to produce light-weight higher structures. To get this done you utilize slim metal curved club truss building rather than strong metal supports. To get this done you utilize hollowed out pipe metal showing wall space, as well as bent linen metal (corrugated) below flooring. To get this done a person get rid of just as much cement in the framework as possible as well as substitute this along with metal. Light-weight building indicates economic climate. This means creating much more along with much less. Should you slow up the structure’s bulk you are able to construct less expensive as well as contractor greater. Regrettably unguaranteed metal warps, touches, sags as well as collapses whenever warmed to normalcy fireplace temps regarding 1100 in order to 1200 levels Farrenheit.

The actual fireplace support thinks there's a immediate connection associated with fireplace opposition in order to bulk associated with framework. The greater bulk the greater fireplace opposition. The very best fireplace resistive creating in the usa is really a cement framework. The actual buildings which restrict as well as restrain that will fire greatest, as well as endure less collapses tend to be strengthened cement pre WWII structures for example real estate tasks as well as old higher increase structures such as the empire condition creating, The greater cement, the greater fireplace opposition; and also the much more cement the actual much less likelihood associated with complete fall. The actual development associated with high- increase building is visible, through evaluating the actual empire condition creating towards the WTC. My personal estimation may be the percentage associated with cement in order to metal within the empire condition creating is actually 60/40. The actual percentage associated with cement in order to metal within the WTC is actually 40/60. The actual highest creating on the planet, the actual Petronas Systems, within Kula Lumpur, Malaysia, is actually a lot more like the actual cement in order to metal percentage from the empire condition creating compared to cement in order to metal percentage from the WTC. Jesse Trump within Nyc offers built the actual highest strengthened cement high-rise home creating.
Results associated with aircraft accident as well as fireplace on the skeletal system metal higher increase

The airplane which just weighted 10 lots hit the actual Empire Condition Creating and also the high-octane fuel fireplace rapidly flamed away following thirty-five min's. Once the firefighters strolled as much as the actual seventy nine ground the majority of the fireplace experienced dissipated. The actual Empire Condition Creating for me, and many fireplace chiefs within Nyc, may be the the majority of fireplace secure creating in the usa. In my opinion it might haven't hit bottom such as the WTC systems. In my opinion the actual Empire Condition Creating, as well as for instance every other skeletal system metal creating within Nyc, might have withstood the actual effect as well as fireplace from the terrorist’s aircraft airplane much better than the actual WTC systems. When the aircraft liners hit every other skeletal system metal higher increase, the folks about the top flooring as well as in which the aircraft crashed might not possess made it; presently there has been nearby ground as well as outside walls fall. Nevertheless, In my opinion the skeletal system metal body higher increase wouldn't endure the cascading down complete pancake fall from the reduce flooring within 8 as well as 10 mere seconds. Ideally a few professional utilizing pc information, may rebuild the results of the 767 jetliner crashes in to an additional Nyc higher creating. In a additional higher increase within Nyc, We state, the actual flooring beneath the actual accident as well as fireplace, wouldn't fall in this complete the cascading down pancake cave-in. The majority of the residents as well as rescuers wiped out within the WTC structure fall had been about the reduce flooring.
The actual Empire Condition Creating

Possibly contractors ought to have a 2nd consider the Empire Condition Structures building. There can be some thing to understand once they repair upon floor absolutely no. The actual empire condition creating offers outside Indy limestone outside walls, 8 in . heavy. The actual flooring will also be 8 in . heavy comprising one-inch concrete more than 7 in . associated with cinder as well as cement. Just about all posts, girders as well as ground supports tend to be strong metal protected along with one to two in . associated with large rock terracotta as well as cement. There's without any starting within the flooring. As well as you will find absolutely no atmosphere ducts of the AIR CONDITIONING heating system air conditioning as well as ventilation program infiltrating fireplace dividers, ground, as well as ceilings. Every ground offers its AIR CONDITIONING device. The actual elevators as well as power shafts tend to be brickwork surrounded. As well as for a lifetime security there's a 4-inch large rock surrounded so-called “smoke evidence stairway”. This particular stairs is made to permit individuals to depart the ground without having smoke cigarettes subsequent all of them as well as submitting in the stairs. This really is achieved simply because this particular smoke cigarettes evidence stairs comes with an advanced vestibule, that includes a port base. Any kind of smoke cigarettes which seeps away the actual occupancy is actually drawn upward the port base.
Cement elimination

Because the finish associated with WWII contractors created the majority of the cement in the contemporary high-rise constriction. Very first cement these people removed had been the actual rock outside walls. These people substitute all of them using the “curtain wall space associated with cup, linen metal, or even materials. This particular drape walls behaved like a light-weight pores and skin in order to enclose the actual framework in the outdoors components. Following the actual 8-inch heavy cement flooring proceeded to go. These were changed along with a mix of two or three in . associated with cement along with slim corrugated metal linens. Following the actual brickwork housing with regard to steps as well as elevators had been changed along with a number of levels associated with linen rock and roll. Then your brickwork smoke cigarettes evidence structure had been removed within the 1968 creating signal. This included an excessive amount of cement pounds as well as used useful living area. Then your strong metal column had been substitute through the metal truss. Last but not least the actual cement as well as large rock encasement associated with metal posts girders as well as ground facilitates had been removed. The light-weight spray-on layer associated with asbestos or even nutrient dietary fiber had been dispersed within the metal. This particular layer supplied fireproofing. Following asbestos had been found dangerous vermiculite or even volcanic rock and roll lung burning ash material had been utilized like a spray-on layer with regard to metal. Outside the basis wall space along with a slim two or three in . associated with flooring area, cement offers nearly already been removed through high-rise business building building. Should you consider the WTC rubble from floor absolutely no the thing is hardly any cement and a lot of garbled metal.
The actual overall performance creating signal

Exactly how do light-weight high-rise building develop because WWII? This developed by using the actual so-called overall performance signal. Following WWII the actual contractors lamented regarding creating rules. These people stated these were as well limited as well as specific each and every fine detail associated with building. These people known as the actual aged creating rules “specification codes”. These people lamented the actual rules specific the actual dimension as well as kind plus some occasions actually the actual model of an item utilized in building. These people decried the actual standards signal because aged style. These people desired the actual creating rules transformed as to the these people known as “performance rules. ” These people desired the actual creating rules in order to stipulate the actual overall performance needs just; as well as, not really stipulate the actual dimension as well as kind of creating materials to make use of. For instance, along with fireplace resistive needs these people desired the actual signal to convey simply the actual several hours associated with fireplace opposition (1, 2, 3 or 4 several hours) needed legally; and never to convey the particular kind as well as materials accustomed to safeguard structural metal as well as enclosures with regard to stairways as well as elevators shafts. For instance, the overall performance creating signal says: the actual metal needs to be guarded towards warmth associated with fire for just one, 2, 3 or 4 several hours throughout a fireplace. It doesn't condition things to make use of like a fireplace fighting off materials. This particular overall performance signal signaled the finish in order to cement encasement fireplace safety as well as permitted the squirt burning safety with regard to metal as well as plasterboard surrounded steps as well as elevator shafts. Contractors hailed the actual Nyc creating signal associated with 1968 like a great overall performance signal. Nevertheless, a few fireplace chiefs decried this like a regulation which replaced extras with regard to actual building security. The actual asbestos squirt upon layer associated with metal trusses utilized in the actual WTC systems had been regarded as through Main from the Nyc Fireplace Division, at that time, Steve Capital t. O’ Hagan to become substandard in order to cement encasement associated with metal. Composing within their guide, Higher Increase Fireplace as well as Existence Security. l976, he or she detailed the next difficulties associated with spray-on fireplace safety associated with metal:

Failing to organize the actual metal with regard to spray-on layer adhesion. Corrosion as well as grime permitted spray-on fireplace slowing layer in order to size as well as drop from metal throughout building
Bad or even unequal software from the spray-on fireplace slowing had been found throughout publish fireplace research
Variance associated with spray-on materials throughout produce causes it to be inadequate
Insufficient thoroughness within since the metal throughout software is really a issue
Failing to change spray-on materials dislodged through additional deals individuals carrying out function round the metal throughout the building from the creating.

The actual WTC began building within the 1970s. And also the WTC systems constructed through the Interface Expert associated with Ny didn't need to adhere to the actual minimal needs from the new1968 overall performance creating signal.
Strategies for making the brand new higher increase structures upon floor absolutely no

The actual metal posts, girders as well as ground supports ought to be enveloped within brickwork or even additional far better fireplace slowing materials. Spray-on fireplace slowing is actually inadequate. Publish fireplace research discloses the actual squirt burning retardant offers scaled away as well as metal supports as well as cement as well as metal ground slabs break and permit fire distribute.

Light-weight club joists shouldn't be accustomed to assistance flooring within high-rise structures. The actual Nationwide Fireplace Safety Organization indicates unguaranteed metal club joist fall short following 5 or even 10 min's associated with fireplace publicity.

For a lifetime security within high-rise structures restore the actual smoke cigarettes evidence structure. This enables individuals to get away fireplace utilizing smoke cigarettes free of charge stairways.

Steps as well as elevator base methods ought to be surrounded within brickwork to avoid smoke cigarettes distribute.

Heating system air flow as well as atmosphere situation AIR CONDITIONING techniques ought to be supplied by device program helping just a few flooring. Main atmosphere program helping 10 or even 20 flooring produces base methods as well as duct techniques which permeate fireplace ranked flooring wall space dividers as well as ceilings. Smoke cigarettes propagates all through ducts associated with main AIR CONDITIONING techniques.
The actual higher increase creating construction ought to be skeletal system metal framework not really middle primary metal line framework. There must be absolutely no showing walls higher increase building. Decrease how big open up ground style.
Boost the width associated with cement within ground building. The actual 2 or 3 in . associated with cement more than corrugated metal isn't able throughout the majority of severe higher increase that will fire as well as should be changed.
Automated sprinklers ought to safeguard just about all higher increase structures. Firefighters may extinguish around two, 500 sq . feet associated with fireplace along with 1 hose pipe collection. 2 hose pipe steams might quench 5, 000 sq . ft associated with fireplace. The planet Industry Middle ground places had been forty, 000 sq . ft within region.
Government, Condition as well as Interface Expert structures ought to adhere to Nyc creating rules and also in some instances ought to surpass all of them. Keep in mind creating rules are just minimal requirements.

Oscar De La Hoya Denies Will Return boxing

Golden Boy Promotions boss and former world boxing champion, , dismissed the news about him stating that he would return to fight in the boxing ring. Oscar De La Hoya said at, that news was just a mere rumor.

"No, not going back, but I was in tip top condition," said Oscar De La Hoya.

Is a former trainer of Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who said that Oscar De La Hoya the "Golden Boy" attracted back to the boxing ring. Oscar De La Hoya retired in 2009, roughly a year after suffering defeat in the eighth round knockout of the king's pound-for-pound, Manny Pacquiao.

New Ways to get Recreation, my Friends Method

Working hard in life is a must, to meet the needs of our lives. However, many people are working too hard in his life, made ​​him forget the one important need in life. The need is recreation, recreation is one way to balance life.

Some time ago, I've made a post relating to a variety of ways to entertain ourselves. Like me who loves sports, especially capoeira, I would be very amused when I play capoeira. Some like fishing, watching movies, sports, sports betting and so forth. And it is all entertainment for people who love it. Those things are a great way to get entertainment and fun for everyone. Fun can not be replaced by money, but can be obtained by having the money. Although not all of them can be obtained with money.

My friend once advised me to follow her new hobby, he said that this could make you entertained. Her new hobby is to bet on sports. He actually has a hobby of sports, namely soccer. He loved practicing Footbal at any time. He also loved watching football, and of course betting on the match. Here I provide links that he frequently visited, who knows you like it. Good luck ..