Sex Education for Kids

A kindergarten school in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, China, to teach sex education with dolls as props.

TK Yaolan set up four dolls, which consists of dolls mother, father, and two boys and girls. With the doll, the teacher taught sex education. Including on the genitals of men and women, reproductive function, and origin of the baby.

But the lesson is causing concern among parents. "I'm afraid this lesson be bad for children because they have knowledge of sex that early," said one parent told the Shanghai Daily.

China is one country with the highest abortion rates in the world. Like many other countries, China was also "confused" looking for ways to effectively teach sex education to children in school.

AP reported, a study conducted in 2009, found that two thirds of adults and young people China has "very limited knowledge about reproductive health." Nevertheless, they are open to sex outside of marriage.

Meanwhile, according to China Daily, each year two-thirds of cases of abortions performed by women aged 20-29 years, most of whom are unmarried.

Last August, the Chinese government announced an experimental program on sex education. The new program is conducted in 18 schools in Beijing.

In a program that began in the new school year, students ranging in age from 6 years old get a lesson from "Growing Steps", a book featuring images of sex and exposure.

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