Floyd Mayweather Controversial Victory

U.S. boxer, Floyd Mayweather won the WBC welterweight title in a controversial fight.

Floyd Mayweather beat defending champion Victor Ortiz KO in round 4. However, this incident is considered controversial because it is done without the knowledge of referee Joe Cortez.

Genesis began when Cortez Ortiz cut the value of committing Headbutt against his opponent. Ortiz who feel guilty about apologizing to hug Floyd Mayweather.

floyd mayweather
Floyd Mayweather
When the two boxers meet again at the center of the ring and the referee has not given the cue, Ortiz again embraced Floyd Mayweather. However, U.S. boxer Ortiz is a direct hit hard twice on his face.

Ortiz immediately collapsed and, strangely, instantly calculate Ortiz Cortez and stated that he lost KO and Floyd Mayweather is the winner.

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