Washington's magnitude 5.8 earthquake rocked

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale shook the eastern coast of the United States. The quake was the strongest recorded since the last 67 years. Earthquake makes office workers rushing out of buildings, including officials at the White House, Capitol and the Pentagon that had to be evacuated.

As quoted by the Associated Press, Wednesday, August 24, 2011, based on the USGS reports, the quake was centered 90 miles southwest of Washington.

Until now there has been no reports of residents who died or suffered serious injuries. However, the reported number of buildings were damaged. The central tower and three of the four towers at the corner of Cathedral suffered damage.

President Barack Obama has also been reported that in general, there is no significant infrastructure damage. Including airports and nuclear facilities.

Speaker of the United States Nuclear Agency, Roger Hannah, said two nuclear reactors at North Anna Power Station, located close to the epicenter, was automatically extinguished.

At the Pentagon, the quake made a mess of the workers. Major damage to buildings occurred in a main working space, which result from damage to water pipes.

Meanwhile, reportedly also museums and monuments in the National Maal closed. Meanwhile, there were reports that the ceiling collapsed at Reagan National Airport. Workers at the Capitol had been evacuated just can take his belongings in his office in the afternoon.

Damage also occurred at the National Cathedral. Cracks appeared in the buttress around the apse. "Everybody here is safe," as quoted from the official Twitter account Cathedral. "Please pray for the Cathedral because there is some damage here."

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