Moammar Gadhafi Disappear

The rebels controlled most of Libya Tripoli in a lightning advance. They celebrated his victory at Green Square, the symbolic center of Moammar Gadhafi regime. Proponents Khadafy as if melted instantly when the power of the leader's 42 years began to crumble. However, the presence of unknown Khadafy and pockets of resistance still exist.

State television broadcast a request bitterly against the people of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi to defend his regime. Opposition forces have captured two sons, including those staying promised will replace him, Saif al-Islam. Saif together Khadafy face charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Netherlands. Another of his sons was reported to be under house arrest.

"It's over, curly head!" shouted hundreds of men and women who gathered happily at the Green Field on Sunday night. "The head of curly" is a mocking nickname for curly hair Moammar Gadhafi. They rejoice and fired shots into the air, clapping, and waving the tricolor flag rebel. Some of them burn the green flag Khadafy regime and punch Khadafy pictorial posters.

Breakthrough surprise the rebels, after a long deadlock in six-month civil war in Libya, the culmination of a coordinated plan of insurgents, NATO and anti-Khadafy resident in Tripoli, said the rebel leader. Western forces drove insurgents from as far as 30 kilometers in a matter of hours on Sunday. They held the town after town and a major military base. Residents welcome them. At the same time, the population of Tripoli, who had secretly armed by the rebels rose up against Moammar Gadhafi.

When rebel forces reached the gates of Tripoli, a special battalion Khadafy entrusted to guard the capital city soon surrendered. The reason, the commander whose brother had been executed Moammar Gadhafi last year, secretly loyal to the rebels, said a senior rebel official, Fathi al-Steel, told The Associated Press.

Al-Steel, head of the rebel's political committee, said the opposition National Transition Council has been working for three months for the attack. It was coordinated with NATO and the rebels in Tripoli. Sleeping cell network was established in Tripoli, the rebels were armed with smuggled weapons. On Thursday and Friday, intensive NATO attacked Tripoli. On Saturday, the sleeper cells that start to rise. In another development, U.S. President Barack Obama said Libya "is to escape from the clutches of a tyrant" and urged Moammar Gadhafi to give up power to prevent bloodshed. "The future of Libya is now in the hands of the Libyan people," Obama said in a statement from Martha's Vineyard, where he was vacationing. He promised to cooperate with the rebels.

Monday morning, the opposition forces controlled most of Tripoli. Rated the Green Golf Scramble has a deep symbolic meaning. The square was a place of his supporters rallied Khadafy regime held almost every night. Moammar Gadhafi gave a speech to the loyal supporters of the historic Red Fort overlooking the plaza.

Rebels and residents of Tripoli is now set up checkpoints around the city, although pockets of pro-Khadafy troops remain there. At a location, the AP reporter who was with the rebels stopped and told to take a different route because there are snipers Moammar Gadhafi regime in the immediate region.

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