Irene Hurricane on New York

Hundreds of New Yorkers to leave their homes, since the local authorities ordered a mass evacuation in anticipation of Irene Hurricane. Local authorities also announced the closure of services such tranporasi subway and city buses began Saturday afternoon.

"We've never done a mass evacuation like this before," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail. "It's very serious. You can not wait until the wind comes, it's a matter of life and death." "

Not only land transportation, aviation authorities have also announced the closure of five airports in New York City to anticipate the disaster this weekend. The closure is made for landing the plane is certain to disrupt hundreds of flights.

In some business center, residents busy closing windows and glass walls with plywood to block the blow with hurricane force winds are expected to reach 90 mph or 144 km / hour. "The area we will be hit by typhoons and the wall of water that is very dangerous," Bloomberg said.

Widespread panic since Friday night making the citizens to attempt to hoard stocks of foodstuffs and daily necessities. Residents seem to worry about closing access to transport will stop the distribution lines and make scarce food stocks. They also worried that there was no restaurant open during the emergency status applies.

Concerns are recorded clearly by the many people who buy goods in a supermarket staple. Their action leaving empty shelves in some supermarkets.

Unrest becoming unstoppable as U.S. President Barack Obama said that the United States will experience a 'historic hurricane'. Experts predict hurricane flooding not only trigger but also broke the glass skyscrapers.

Millions of residents in the east coast of the United States preparing for the assault Irene Hurricane. Besides New York, the state of New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina have also established an emergency status. Residents asked to stay away from the path of mighty raging winds that killed five people and destroying several buildings in the Bahamas.

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