The launch of Atlantis "Live" This day

The launch of space shuttle Atlantis will be launched today at 11:26 EDT. The launch is the last mission of Atlantis as well as the launch of NASA's last shuttle. Due to the latter, surely be missed. Thousands of residents of the United States was keen to see this launch.

It is estimated, Kennedy Space Center will be packed with people during this launch.
For those of you who are interested, live streaming can be viewed on NASA TV, NASA's precisely in the link. Make sure when looking right. Launch time will fall at around 11:26 EDT.

In this last launch, Atlantis will carry only four crew, consisting of Chris Ferguson as the mission commander, pilot Doug Hurley, and mission specialists Rex Walheim and Sandy Magnus.

The mission will run for 12 days. A number of the charge of logistics, spare parts for the ISS, and the research material was taken. Special objects that will be taken this time the iPhone 4, which will be used to conduct three experiments, one of which influence the radiation iPhone 4.

In addition to the launch, NASA has also promised full coverage of the Atlantis mission. On NASA TV, there are also other archives that will increase knowledge, such as the space shuttle, space lectures, and interviews with the astronauts.

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