Only one spacewalk in Last Mission with Atlantis

Recent successful spacewalk by the crew of the shuttle Endeavour had just finished his career last May. Spacewalk that was called as the last one until NASA decided to include in the agenda of the last mission spacewalk of Atlantis to be launched today.

The plan, there would be only one spacewalk of Atlantis mission will be executed four astronauts this time. Spacewalk is only intended to take the pump module on the International Space Station (ISS), which failed in 2010. The module is planned to be brought to earth with the return of Atlantis and analyzed.

Difficulties arise because the run spacewalk crew member was too minimal, usually members of the crew of the shuttle amounted to 6 people. Finally, NASA astronaut, Ron Garan and Michael Fossum, who previously flew the Expedition 28 with a Russian Soyuz, was recruited. Both will conduct spacewalk during the 6.5 hours on the fifth day Atlantis mission on the ISS.

Fossum will be a leader and wearing a spacesuit spacewalk mission with a red line. While Garan will be her assistant wearing a plain white spacesuit. Atlantis astronauts themselves will serve as the spacewalk choreographer (Rex Walheim) and ISS robotic arm controller (Doug Hurley and Sandy Magnus). Atlantis Commander Chris Fergusson would not play a role in this spacewalk.

Mission Atlantis for 12 days this time as well as a cover NASA career in flying the shuttle. Therefore, we can be sure of this being the last spacewalk. Flight missions to the ISS astronauts would do next with Russia's Soyuz. So far, there are no plans to be organized Russian spacewalk.

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