Charles, Blair Targeted by Anders Behring Brievik

Mass murderer of Norway, Anders Behring Brievik, called Prince Charles and the two former British prime minister, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair as a "traitor" who deserved to be killed.

It was stated Anders Behring Brievik in a 1518 manifesto that the in-page email to his friends a few hours before he spewed bullets into the young campers on the island of the Norwegian Labour Party Utoya on Friday (22/07/2011).

Written in perfect English and wrote "London, 2011", the manifesto which gave the name "European Declaration of Independence" was mentioned several names of politicians, journalists and community leaders that Britain could become a "target".

Anders Behring Brievik write a manifesto for three years. The manifesto contains a guide for terrorists, autobiography, and his views about extremist politics.

The head of state, political leaders, and the editors of newspapers digolongkannya in "category A traitor" who should get a "death sentence".

The head of state who fall into the target is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and EU President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Meanwhile, British police investigate alleged links Anders Behring Brievik with extremist groups and neo-Nazi British. For in the manifesto, he was also planning a 32-year genocide in London.

Anders Behring Brievik also called high-level meeting ever-right fundamentalists from across Europe followed two Britons.

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