Batman The Dark Knight Rises Official Teaser

Since reportedly involved in the following series of Batman The Dark Knight Rises in January and bane to the enemy that will appear. , Questions that descend lovers Bane Batman is how the characters will be displayed. In the comics, Bane was wearing some kind of luchador masks (masks are often worn by professional wrestlers of Mexico).

But since Batman: The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan and Nolan has always tried to present his film as realistic as possible, such as the appearance of the Scarecrow and the Joker in the previous two Batman films. So., Natural character of Bane is one factor that makes it awaited the next Batman kemunculannya.Dan now Tom Hardy gives us a little glimpse. Tom Hardy spoke of this when appearing on a show Alan Carr: Chatty Man and he talked about how the character of Bane will be displayed. Hardy said Bane will be shown as "disabled people who wear masks" and more Tom Hardy said he was forming his physical than once weighed 168 lbs (+ / - 76.2 kg) to 196 lbs (+ / - 88.90) now. And Hardy also said he would only wear a mask if he feels like.

Tom Hardy has also succeeded in changing her shape to be more contained in the movie A WARRIOR'S HEART that will appear around September 2011. In the film about martial arts, Hardy managed to raise his weight to 15 pounds into muscle. And it appears that changes Hardy
in Batman The Dark Knight Rises will be more extreme. If you remember in the movie BATMAN AND ROBIN in 1997 (Joel Schumacher) Bane displayed so comical, so Hardy will Filmoo statement analysis. Posture Tom Hardy for a Caucasian person, it is not too high (compared with a high Bane great comic version). Hardy High was only about 5'9 "or about 175.2 cm. With a weight of 196 lbs (+ / - 88.90 kg) body size of Hardy is not quite fit the picture of Bane in the comics. Compare with its role in Bronson (2008) where he adds sebnayak weighs 40 lbs (18,144 kg) he had seen a "giant".

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