Sean Hoare, News of The World Scandal "Whistleblower" Found Dead

Sean Hoare, a former show-business journalist News of the World who became one of the first reporter who has accused Andy Coulson know the phone tapping by the members of his staff, was found dead. Coulson is a former editor of News of the World and had become director of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron.

Hoare, who worked for The Sun and News of the World with Coulson before being fired due to tangled problems alcohol and drugs, was found dead at his home in Watford. Hertfordshire Police did not confirm his identity, but said in a statement, "At 10:40 today (Monday, July 18), police were called to Langley Road, Watford, following concerns about the condition of a man who lived at an address in the street. After the police and the ambulance arrived at the address, a corpse was found. The man was pronounced dead shortly afterwards at the scene. (because) it's death for a while can not be explained but is not considered suspicious. Police investigations of the incident is underway. "

The Guardian reported, Hoare has recently suffered a nose injury and a leg in an accident. It is unclear whether the injury was related to his death.

Hoare openly accuses the News of the World has tapped the phone and use a "pinging", a method for tracking a cell phone someone using that technology should only police and security officials who can access it, reports the New York Times. Hoare was one of several sources who allowed his name when talking to the Times last year to an investigative report about the alleged phone tapping by the British tabloid News of tea Wolrd it.

He specifically he accused Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World, has made a mistake. Hoare Times describes as a former "close friend Coulson."

"The two men first worked together on The Sun, where, Hoare said, he was tapped to play a recording that Coulson," wrote the Times in a report last September. "In the News of the World, said Hoare, he continues to inform Coulson about the hunt." Coulson actively encouraged me to do that (interception), "Hoare said," reported the Times.

The report added, Hoare said he was "fired in the period when he was struggling to overcome the problem of drugs and alcohol. He said he now reveals the scandal involving him, which include burglary messages owned by celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, because it is not fair for the media like News of the World to blame just "a reporter who covered the royal family".

"Coulson declined to comment on the article but said that he was unaware of the wiretapping," the report said. Coulson worked for Cameron until the police launched a new investigation about the phone tapping it in January. Coulson then resigned with a still professed his innocence. But he said he had become a nuisance to the Prime Minister.

Last week, the Times reported that Hoare also explains the "pinging" that made the newspaper. "Pinging" is a term to search for someone using a cell phone number, something that only law enforcement and security forces are allowed to do so, reports the Times. Hoare said that when he worked there, 'pinging' cost almost 500 dollars for every occasion, "reports the Times.

A former editor at the News of the World, who refused to be named, confirmed Hoare, reports the Times. The newspaper, quoting two former journalist News of the World reported, people in the police have been bribed to use the technology in determining the location of the person.

The Guardian also spoke with Hoare last week. He told the newspaper that, "nonsense" if Coulson pleaded not aware of 'pinging'. He asserted, "the chain of command is one of absolute discipline" in the News of the World.

According to the Guardian, Hoare repeatedly expressed the hope that the disclosure of wiretapping scandal that could clean up journalism. He said he had decided to 'blow the whistle' about the activities of several former colleagues at the News of the Wolrd with that purpose, clear of the practice reprehensible journalism, the Guardian reported on Monday.

Still according to the Guardian, Hoare insisted that he did not get the money from the story of the scandal.

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