Another Rupert Murdoch Problem in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard grimly impressed with the doings of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's business. According to AP and AFP on Wednesday (20/07/2011), Gillard admitted disturbed by the case of phone tapping by the Murdoch-owned mass media in Britain. "In Australia, he will face difficult questions," said Gillard.

In Australia, there is the Green group that determines the balance of power in the upper house. This group urged a parliamentary inquiry against News Limited, Murdoch company in Australia. Australian journalist union leaders urging support the Green party Bob Brown for an investigation.

Previously, Murdoch appeared on the board of the British parliament on Tuesday (07/19/2011) yesterday. "When people see the phone was tapped, when people watched the grieving parties have to face this, then I think they have to answer some questions in our country," said Gillard told reporters in New South Wales.

"Clearly, News Limited is responsible for answering questions," said Gillard.

Furthermore, Gillard told the Green Party when she was ready to negotiate the investigation practices of Rupert
Murdoch companies  in Australia. However, he did not want to conclude something soon. "I do not want to constantly comment on, but I'm sure Australians ... to observe the News Limited News Limited here and want to answer tough questions," she said.

The company dominates the Australian media because it controls 70 percent of newspaper readers and dominate the television, internet and other media.

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