Rupert Murdoch Refusing Responsible on Wiretapping Scandal

Media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, admitted feeling humiliated and embarrassed by scandal tabloid News of the World (NOW) that he had. However, Rupert Murdoch refused to charge the phone tapping scandal and bribery committed by the police tabloid journalist who has been closed since July 10, 2011 it.

According to the Associated Press, the statement was made during British members of Parliament in London for three hours on Tuesday afternoon local time July 19. It was accompanied by his son Rupert Murdoch, James, who served as Deputy Chief Operating Officer Corporate News Corp., Ie the group company that has many of the leading media in the U.S. and the UK, including the tabloid News of the World.

Question and answer session with members of the House Communications Committee that was sabotaged by an activist. He was throwing the foam to the face of
Rupert Murdoch before secured by a security guard so that the trial was suspended for about ten minutes.

At that session,
Rupert Murdoch admitted regret having entrusted Now to "a number of people wrong." 80-year-old tycoon was stated that the tabloids Now only a small portion of the media conglomerate that he led.

Murdoch felt humiliated and ashamed of the scandal that ensnared Now and a number of tabloid journalist. "This is the day the least for my career," said Rupert Murdoch, who has a relationship with a number of leaders and former leaders of Britain.

The scandal has rocked not only the parent media company owned by
Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.., But also rocked a number of top British police officials, journalists and politicians. Even British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to shorten the tour in Africa to hold a special session in parliament today to discuss the scandal now.

Although as the Chief Executive of Corporate (CEO) of News Corp. - Which has a tabloid now -
Rupert Murdoch not willing to be responsible directly for the scandal. According to him, the blame lies with "those who trust me ... and also, perhaps, people they trust," Murdoch said on condition of anonymity.
In recent days, a number of executive confidence
Rupert Murdoch resigned. They are the CEO of News International and General Manager Rebekah Brooks Daily Wall Street Journal and former CEO of News International, Les Hinton. Even Now Brooks and former editor who once worked as a special staff of Cameron, Andy Coulson, the police arrested on charges of wiretapping and bribery scandal Now.

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