Requirements to Become a Google employee, must Mastering Microsoft Excel

Requirements to Become a Google employee

Some time ago, in an interview, the head of Google's Enterprise unit Amit Singh boasted that I could grab 90 percent of users of Microsoft Office with a series of cloud applications and services of their own.

However, before we can draw today Office users, Google announced the ambitious targets it seems to start from ourselves first.

As quoted from the GeekWire, Google is currently a job opening. Interestingly, one of the conditions mentioned are the candidates have to master Microsoft Office. In fact, this popular office application which was about to be defeated by Goolge Apps through hers.

Jobs "YouTube Product Specialist", for example, requires applicants have "modeling capabilities with Microsoft Excel (pivot tables, macros, and others.) And PowerPoint skills following experience in the field of database (SQL, Microsoft Access, etc.)".

There are also vacancies Analyst Insights and Innovation that require potential employees to have "expertise with the analysis and presentation tools, including Excel (pivot tablet, graphs, and functions) and a Power Point".

The existence of these requirements imply the impression that Google itself is considered as the de facto Office, contrary to Google's desire to beat Microsoft.

Problem is, an employee of Roche-companies that use Google's products-commented, "I think there are still many companies that require a Microsoft Excel-most of us are wearing a lot of functionality that is not available in Google Spreadsheet."

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