Hillary Clinton speaks at the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee

Hillary Clinton

Having delayed a month due to illness, the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, finally spoke before the U.S. Congress about the way he handled the September 11 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Wednesday (01/23/2013).

At that hearing,
Hillary Clinton also denied efforts by the U.S. Government to provide misleading information to the United States.

Attacks by armed militant groups that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other U.S. citizens were threatened harm the image of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, can even continue to haunt her when she decided to run for president in 2016.

In a trial that lasted six hours,
Hillary Clinton was touched when talking about the times when he soothe the families of the victims of Benghazi. However, he became angry when a member of the Republican Congressman accused the Obama administration has misled the American people about whether the attack came from a rally.

"With all due respect, the fact is that we are four people died," he said in a high voice when giving testimony in a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"Is it because of the protests, or is it because there are people who are walking around one night and decided they were going to kill some Americans? What's the difference?"
Hillary Clinton said sharply.

"Our task is to find out what happened and do everything they can to prevent something like this happening again."

In the morning session of the Senate and the House of Representatives during the day, Republicans and Democrats are throwing allegations in the case. Republicans accused the State Department has been led by Hillary mismanaged. Instead Democrats defend Hillary.

Just a bit of new information about the incident Benghazi revealed in a lengthy hearing that. Hillary did say that there are at least 20 other U.S. diplomatic posts are facing serious security threats. However, former U.S. first lady declined to disclose it in the open event.

Hillary Benghazi called the incident as part of a long history of violence, as well as the impact of instability since the Arab revolutions that began in 2011, and toppled authoritarian leaders in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

"Benghazi is not the case in the middle of the void.'ve Split the Arab Revolt of power dynamics and destroy the security forces in the region," Clinton said.

The incidence of Benghazi along with attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, protesting a video made in the U.S., who insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Also experienced a similar attack the U.S. embassy in Tunisia, Yemen, and Sudan.

Republicans criticized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama in general. Senator Bob Corker (Republican) said the attack Benghazi and the U.S. response shows "unpreparedness of concern" in the face of these events. While Senator Rand Paul thinks Hillary should be fired.

Facing attacks, Clinton reiterated what he said on October 15, 2012. "I am responsible," Clinton said.

Clinton stressed, he accepted all the recommendations of the independent team that investigated the incident Benghazi.

Clinton left office as Secretary of State in the coming days after his successor, Senator John Kerry, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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