Three iPhone 5 Accessories are the most hunted

Apple has just released their latest generation iPhone called the iPhone 5. At the launch of these products, there is a staggering record sales. Apple announced that the iPhone 5 has recorded record sales in the history of Apple. In just three days since its debut on 21 September, the iPhone 5 has sold over 5 million units. This achievement surpassed sales of the iPhone 4S debut in 2011, when Apple sold 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in 3 days.

Eddie Murphy died is Hoax

Have you heard rumors about Eddie Murphy died. Death is a natural thing in a life. However, death is also a tragedy and sadness. I wonder who has been spreading the rumors of Eddie Murphy  died.

Not a few people who then hooked to find out the truth of the death of a star comedian in the world. Eddie Murphy is a comedy character whose abilities are not in doubt. Has starred in various films and numerous awards have been achieved. Eddie Murphy died Rumors have spread to many countries via the Internet. Eddie Murphy died has been a Trending topics.

Clint Eastwood Speak on Google Hot Trend

Who does not know Clint Eastwood, he is an actor, producer, and director of the famous composer. The figure of Clint Eastwood in a few days is quite attracted many people. In google search, Clint Eastwood Speak quite high in the search. If you look at google hot trend these days, then you you will find Clint Eastwood Speak as the highest ranking in google hot trends.