Three iPhone 5 Accessories are the most hunted

Apple has just released their latest generation iPhone called the iPhone 5. At the launch of these products, there is a staggering record sales. Apple announced that the iPhone 5 has recorded record sales in the history of Apple. In just three days since its debut on 21 September, the iPhone 5 has sold over 5 million units. This achievement surpassed sales of the iPhone 4S debut in 2011, when Apple sold 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in 3 days.

But there are some things that you should know, the iPhone 5 sales of more than 5 million units in the third day is actually Apple missed estimates. Apple expects sales of their first to reach 10 million units, and it misses by 50%.

In the iphone 5 itself there are some changes. Among them is the size of the screen and the dock are no longer 30 pin. The change from 30 pin to 8 pin will allow you to hunt down the iPhone 5 accessories such as adapters.
For lovers of the iPhone 5, of course, will hunt for iPhone 5 Accessories. This is because changes in the size of the iPhone 5, which is different from the previous generation. The iPhone 5 Accessories  the most requested
are ligtning Adapter to 30-pin for iPhone 5, iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5 screen protector. Amazon offers a wide variety of cases that fit the size of the iPhone 5, starting from the lowest price to high price.

iphone 5 cases
iPhone 5 Screen Guard


 Three iPhone 5 Accessories I mentioned at the top, of course having a high enough sales. It is caused by changes in the size of course the iPhone 5, which affects the iPhone Accessories.

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