The people of India, Prepareed to Against Corruption

Yoga teacher who is very famous in India, Baba Ramdev, threatening the government of India to formulate measures to eradicate the plague of corruption in government. Ramdev is well known and admired by millions of citizens of India.

If demands are not met, then the masses across the country prompted a nationwide protest.

Ramdev condemned the outbreak of corruption in government and corruption money was allegedly deposited in foreign countries. "If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not respond to the demands, then I would heavily encourage mass protests across the country," Ramdev said before thousands of supporters.

Ramdev is conducting a hunger strike that has lasted for four days against government corruption in India. Leader sprituil India India is demanding the government take steps to clear and firm about fighting corruption.

Ramdev is a yoga teacher who became a national figure because it always appeared on Indian television network. He is also known as a symbol of good moral in India.

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