Temple Grandin, An Autistic Story

Temple Grandin
Cast: Claire Danes (Temple Grandin), Julia Ormond (Eustica), Catherine O'Hara (Aunt Anne), David Sam (Professor Carlock) DIRECTOR: Mick Jackson, SCENARIO: Christopher Monger, and William Merritt Johnson

Temple Grandin is a portrait of persistence and perseverance of a young woman who struggled against the opposition-opposition that isolate people with autism, at a time when autism is not yet known.

The film depicts the life of Temple who was diagnosed with autism by a doctor. Even so, amid the turbulent growth, and development of the Temple during the school actually makes a lot of unique talents will lift the cap of women who managed to get a Master of Science in Animal Science.

With all its shortcomings, the young Temple was always thinking out of the box in beyond normal human thought. For example, which bears the Temple since the age of childhood autism able to observe the habits of cattle before being slaughtered by the cowboy.

With these observations, Temple is trying to complete his thesis thinking, "The world is cruel, and we do not have cruelty to animals." Successful method of creating a behavioral tool to calm the animals.

The findings also wrote a magazine article that became subscription cattle breeders, until finally not a few of them asked Temple to present methods.

The film is set in the era of 1975 America could arouse the mindset of people with autism over the years. For example, in one scene Temple admitted more pleased if he is treated the same as other normal people, and more appreciative of those who gave the same job responsibilities as well with other workers.

The story is based on Temple Grandin's book Emergance Scariano Temple Grandin and Margaret, also of Thinking in Pictures Temple Grandin's work trying to bring the perception of the world very differently as a new insight for many people.

Temple Grandin, the production of HBO Original movie winning an Emmy and Golden Globe awards will premiere in Asia 2 September 2011, at 21:00 pm on HBO and HBO HD.

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