Iran threatens to Close British Embassy

Iran's parliament plans to close the British Embassy in Tehran in handling cases related to violent riots in the UK problem.

Members of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash Parliament urged the Iranian Foreign Ministry will summon the British diplomat in Tehran as soon as possible to explain the shooting of Mark Duggan.

Ahmadi also reiterated, Mark Duggan of the murder of black British citizens show a racist act in the country. Similarly, as reported by Trend News on Wednesday (10/08/2011).

Murder Mark Duggan assessed clearly a violation of human rights. Besides the economic crisis in Britain, the British military also intervened in another country and this action is also not a good action.

Policy makers in Iran was also deplored, England should have been more prudent in using the funds to take care of its citizens. England currently funds precisely focused to slaughter citizens in the Middle East.

Unrest in Britain began on August 6 at Tottenham, after the shooting of Mark Duggan who allegedly joined in a criminal gang. The unrest also spread to other towns, namely Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Reading and Oxford.

British security forces reportedly have arrested more than 560 people and the riots began to become a serious threat to the UK.

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