OnLine Media as Malaysian Resistance

Malaysian security forces harsh measures to handle the protesters peacefully, Saturday (9 / 7) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, angered civil society groups there. Voiced anger and channeled through social networking sites in cyberspace, Facebook, and the comments that they send.

Various accounts from Facebook's insistence that the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Razak backward, harsh criticism against "brute force" the police, until the account is blatantly supporting action BERSIH 2.0.

As preached, last weekend the Coalition for a Koalisi untuk Pemilu yang Bersih dan Jujur (Clean and Honest Elections) held a peaceful protest, called Bersih 2.. They urged the Malaysian general election was held a clean and honest.

The protests ended peacefully chaotic. As many as 1667 protesters were arrested and detained by the police. Police officers dispersed protesters by shooting at the demonstrators with tear gas, stormed, and beat them brutally.

A protester reportedly died of a heart attack while trying to escape the tear gas shot. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim reportedly injured and rushed to the hospital because of a fall while running from police raids. preaching, from a number of themed account of resistance, one of which is entitled "People 100.000 Resignation Request Najib Tun Razak". Account was favored by at least 140,000's Facebook users.

The amount was collected in a very short time, just two days after the incident.

Meanwhile, several themed accounts similar but with different titles are also emerging, such as "Say No to Najib" or "1,000000 Mahu Najib Cuba Tear Gas Sendiri".

Facebook account contains support for the movement is also a proliferation of Net 2.0. One account entitled "BERSIH 2.0 [OFFICIAL]" followed by 170 000's enthusiasts.

In addition, there is a "BERSIH-Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil" though still small number of enthusiasts.

Resistance and anger toward the police is also manifested in some sort of account title "Malaysia police are brutal violence and lack of discipline".

Resistance movement against "the despotic government" through the virtual world does not just happen this once. History of the world record, a wave of resistance through the virtual world and even led to the overthrow of a dictatorship, as happened in several countries in the Middle East.

Recent, online media often became an option, especially when the mainstream media are considered controlled, controlled, and sided with the ruler. The condition is happen in Malaysia.

In the index of press freedom by Freedom House, in the last three years, Malaysia is categorized as a country with no free press 


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