Little Story about Knight Templar Part I

Knight Templar or Poor Soldiers follower of Jesus Christ and the Temple of Solomon, was formed in 1118, twenty years after the crusaders took Jerusalem. The founder of this order are the two French knights, Hugh de Payens and Godfrey de St. Omer. Starting from the nine members, the Order continues to grow. The name of the temple of Solomon was used because they build a base in the mountain temple, the ruins of the temple site. Here also stands the Dome of the Rock (Qubah As-Sakhrah).

Kinght Templar call themselves "poor soldiers", but they soon became very prosperous. They control the full Christian pilgrims who came from Europe to Palestine, and became very wealthy from the money the pilgrims. They are also the first organized system of checks and credit, resemble those on a bank. According to the British authors, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, they build a kind of mid-century capitalism, and paved the way toward a modern banking with their interest-based transactions. 5

Knight Templar is the one most responsible for the attacks crusades and massacres of the Muslim nation. Therefore, the great Islamic commander Saladin (Salahuddin Al Ayyubi), who beat crusaders in 1187 at the Battle of Hattin, and then liberate Jerusalem, Knight Templar were executed for murder they did, even though she forgave a lot of Christians. However, although loss of Jerusalem and the heavy losses, the Templars continued to survive. And despite the ever-shrinking Christian nation in Palestine, they increased the strength in Europe and, first in France, then in other countries, a state within a state.

There is no doubt that their political power troublesome kings of Europe. But there is another aspect of the Knight Templars who soon interfere with the clergy: the order little by little have strayed from the Christian faith, and while in Jerusalem has taken a number of strange mystical doctrines. Develops also a rumor that they hold the rites peculiar to give shape to their doctrine.

source : harun yahya

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