Google + Fake Invitation

Be careful if you receive an invitation from Google + because it could be a fake invitation.

Hackers targeting a new target group, namely Google +, Google's social networking service, by sending fake invitations to users.

Naked Security report was quoted as saying Mashable, Monday (04/07/2011), said the invitation was distributed via fake e-mail and is very similar to the original invitation, which invites a member of Google +.

However, if you accept the invitation of fake clicks on the link in the message-which is not recommended, you'll go to a site selling penis enlargement products.

In another case, a Google + fake invitation will direct you to a site that is full premises trojan virus that will mengambin information found on your computer for the benefit of the hackers.

Many who have become victims of fake invitation from Google +. This is because Google + is a new network from Google that the current number of members is limited and very exclusive impressed. In fact, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also reportedly a member of social networking is limited. So maybe there is something special about this new social networking.

So be careful if you receive e-mails, especially from third parties. You have to be extra careful before clicking on those links and make sure that the invitation you received really came from a legitimate source and not a fake invitation.

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