Breastfeeding mothers may not Eat Spicy Food?

When breastfeeding mothers, usually appears various suggestions and advice that smells ban. Should not be this, should it, and so on. Yet often it is simply a myth, you know. Well, let alone the myths and facts about breastfeeding?

Myth: Before feeding, the milk that comes out must first be removed first.
Fact: No need to be discarded. The first milk that comes out is colostrum contains many antibodies for immunity. Before breastfeeding, breastfeeding may apply to the nipple and surrounding areas to kill germs.

Myth: stale milk.
Fact: There is no stale milk as long as there is in breast milk. Breastmilk is always in a state protected in the breast that can not be stale or cold because it always correspond to body temperature. Breastfeeding is recommended not to be given again if left in room temperature for more than 8 hours. However, when stored in the refrigerator can last 2 weeks, when the temperature of the freezer, can last 2 months.

Myth: Spicy foods and bersantan consumed by the mother can cause infant diarrhea.
Fact: Never place infants diarrhea due to food consumed only his mother. Even so, women should not eat foods that are too stimulating because there is also a baby who becomes bloated.

Myth: Breastfeeding mothers should not drink ice cold because it causes the baby.
Fact: It is not related at all. Temperatures remain warm breast milk in 37 degrees celsius. Whatever is consumed by the mother will be absorbed into the blood and breast milk will be produced.

Myth: During breastfeeding, mothers should eat two more servings.
Fact: Actually not. What is important is the consumption of a balanced diet. When mothers feel hungry please eat, but stops when it is full. Note the balance and nutritional adequacy. Women should not diet because they influence milk composition and its production will also be reduced.

Myth: Breast milk is abundant large means.
Fact: Not true. Indicates how much fat large breasts that support. More or less milk production depends on the milk barn where there glands that produce breast milk. Every mother has a gland that much more or less the same.

Myth: Breast so slack when breastfeeding.
Fact: It is precisely the process of feeding causes the breasts to be tight. This occurs because of contraction of muscles and glands of the breast.

Myth: Infants with exclusive breastfeeding will be difficult given supplementary food.
Fact: It is exclusively breastfed baby will more easily accept variations in flavor foods. Because the baby was used to obtain a varied taste breast milk.

Myth: Having a working mother, milk production will decrease.
Fact: Not always. How, before and after work, mothers still breast feeding their babies immediately, while for working mothers, human milk is removed by milking every 3 hours. If only milked without direct disusukan, production would be reduced because the baby's sucking to stimulate the brain to produce the hormone prolactin.

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