Google eBooks Reader Launching On This Week

Google will make inroads, into the e-reader market next week with the release of devices that use Google eBooks platform and sold at Target. This device will be sold at retail on July 17 at a price of 139.99 U.S. dollars. The same price applies for the Kindle and Reader Nook Simple Touch.

According to a blog posted by Google, this device has a qwerty keyboard and a black screen gray, just like the Kindle. These devices can access more than 3 million Google eBooks for free  and hundreds of thousands of e-book paid. This is the first device that can download the titles of e-books via a Wi-Fi. Previously, users should download the titles of e-book from PC and then transfer them to the eReader.

google ebooks
Google's entry into e-book market in December with its Google eBookstore. Since then, the company has expanded its distribution, by adding a partner of independent bookstores all 250 in May. 


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