Get $25 FREE From Payoneer

On this occasion, I will share with you how to get money from freely. Perhaps you've never know whether it Payoneer. Here's the explanation:

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a debit card with Mastercard logo. As a debit card, it means to be able to use it to shop, your balance must be greater than zero. Being a Mastercard logo card, meaning you can use it to shop at places that supports Mastercard cards. Online and offline. You can also draw the balance you have in ATMs that display the Mastercard logo image.

The advantages of Payoneer Card

  • We can take the money directly in the ATM, Payoneer can be used worldwide. So if I was in Singapore, or are in any country, and I need money, I just direct swipe at ATMs and automatic local money out. Local currency will be done automatically by the system Payoneer.
  • Another advantage of Payoneer is I can make purchases on the internet.
  • By using Payoneer we can verify paypal. Paypal verified with more durable Payoneer active period is about two years. Unlike 
  • VCC which generally last for 3 months.

How to Get $ 25 of Payoneer for free.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please go to the filing of a free Credit Card Payoneer. CLICK HERE
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Going out Payoneer debit card application form 
  4. In Part cardholder Details please fill in accordingly.
Once the form has been filled out completely and correctly, then you will get an e-mail confirming that the estimated arrival date of your credit card will be listed in it.

Well, please wait for the arrival of your free credit card from Payoneer. According to sources, will be sent after a few weeks.

Terms and Conditions for getting $ 25 from Payoneer

  •  Payoneer said we would be rewarded $ 25 after activation of the card and make payments or transactions as much as $ 100.
  • Invite friends / new members to join in Payoneer could only share links (personal link) that we can get from the "home" of our Payoneer account. You can do it via facebook, twitter or email
  • We'll get the money, after our friends the transaction, receive or send funds of at least $ 100.
  • In Payoneer we are only eligible for one dollar reward to anyone who qualify.

Sign up now and we both get $25 FREE once you receive $100 in payments from payoneer by clicking image below