#HajiLulungEffect Jadi Top Trending Topic, Who is Haji Lulung ?

#HajiLulungEffect Jadi Top Trending Topic, Haji Lulung Go International | Mas Dhika Dot Com

Who does not know Haji Lulung, young leaders Betawi origin Tanah Abang. Lulung begin efforts initiated from the garbage collector used cardboard to thrift. his career began to climb when later he played in securing business in Tanah Abang. Haji Lulung is the seventh of eleven children, his father named Ibrahim Tjilang, BKR (former Indonesian Army)-ranking soldier PELTU. His mother was a descendant of KH. Abdullah Shafi, the founder of the Islamic Universities Ash-Syafiiyyah.

Haji Lulung became famous after bringing a Lamborghini when he was elected to the Jakarta City Council 2014-2019, especially with the slogan "Just spit it could be money", as well as the controversy with Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok.

Some celebrities also mentwit twitter account with the hashtag #HajiLulungEffect. including Taylor Wift and Justin Bierber

who knows what would happen, it is not impossible that haji Lulung become famous celebrities who go international, without having to be an artist or celebrity. 

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