Jurassic World trailer give you new Dinosaurs

Jurassic World is the sequel to Jurassic park III is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2015. As we see, the distance Jurassic World with jurassic park III very much. The theme grama pirim with the first Jurassic Park, which told about the opening of a park that contains animals in prehistoric times.

In this Jurassic World trailer we can see that this park has more sophisticated facilities. But more interesting in this Jurassic World trailer is the appearance of a mysterious species destroying Jurassic World. And of course, these animals would appear to be more virulent and robust when compared with other types of dinosaurs. Because of the Jurassic World Trailer also told about the creation of a new species of dinosaur that is more powerful and intelligent.

BBM Meetings, New BlackberryService

BBM Meetings

BlackBerry re-explore the potential features of instant messaging services, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) by introducing the service calls is a video for the businessmen. These services are named BBM Meetings.

Quoted from Mobile Syrup, Friday (11/13/2014), BBM Meetings can accommodate 25 participants at the same time allowing them to share the screen.

The main selling points of BBM Meetings are those services is cross-platform, so that users can make video calls with users of Android devices,