First Humor on CIA Twitter

CIA Twitter

For an intelligence agency known for its secrecy, the CIA's debut on Twitter exposing the hidden sense of humor.

In the social media that is loaded with sharp comments, the world's first Twitter praised CIA chirp using the account (at) CIA.

"We can not confirm or deny that this is our first chirp," wrote CIA. Within an hour, the intelligence agency has had 67,000 followers.

Initially, the emergence of the CIA on Twitter begs the question: Is this really the CIA? Because there are several fake Twitter accounts CIA circulated on Twitter a few years ago.

Facebook Account

The CIA quickly confirm their presence in social media in a press statement and announced they had opened a Facebook account.

CIA got the account after entering a complaint against Twitter to take it from someone who used to fabricate the agency, said CIA spokesman Todd Ebitz.

The agency slogan, "We are the first line of defense of the nation. We achieve what others can not accomplish and we go where others can not go."

In both social media accounts, the CIA promised to share "photo, the flashback intelligence history and exciting facts from CIA World Fact book."