8 Reasons that Make The Immune System is Weakened

Maybe you have to wash hands , avoid contact with sick people , but why do you still get the flu ? The answer is , because the immune system is being weakened . For that , you need to know the deeper things that weaken the immune system , as well as how to avoid these .
1 . air contamination
The air around you not only affect the health of the lungs , but also immunity . Research has shown that contaminated air suppress T cell performance is the most important component of the immune system . According to Frances Goulart , author of Super Immunity Foods , install air purifiers in the home can help make the air free from disease-causing microbes , at least not in the room .

2 . Sitting all day
This activity will slow down the rate of metabolism which causes the body to absorb nutrients more slowly anyway . In fact , says Joel Fuhrman , author of Super Immunity , nutrition is needed by the immune system to work more optimally . Therefore, make sure you get up every hour to stand up from sitting , at least for five minutes . The goal is to increase your metabolic rate .

3 . One of select beauty products
Beauty products that contain some artificial materials are toxic . Use of these products will reduce the function of the immune system . Therefore , Goulart advise you to be more selective in choosing the products you use . " Choose a natural because it is safer , " he said .

4 . Too much junk food
Flour on junk food will usually affect the T cells and B cells are a component of disease-fighting immune system . Then you should , choose a flour made from whole grains are more friendly to the immune system .

5 . lack of sleep
When lack of sleep , the immune system will work less effectively . Because the body will produce less melatonin which improves the immune system works . Therefore , make sure to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day .

6 . Eating too much protein
Excessive protein , especially of animal origin , causes the body to produce more of the hormone IGF1 is known to accelerate aging and affect the immune system . According to Fuhrman , preferably animal protein intake in the diet is not more than 10 percent of total calories each day .

7 . be alone
People who are lonely are more likely to stress that the impact is felt in the immune system . According to Sheldon Cohen , a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University , an important legal to schedule quality time with friends , colleagues , neighbors and even to strengthen the immune system .

8 . caffeine addiction
Caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea can indeed provide a sense of alert so often people rely on it when the center does not feel sleepy or excited . However , when it is in the level of addiction , caffeine will have a negative impact on the immune system . So limit your consumption of caffeine , four cups a day is the optimal amount .

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