Paul Walker Death Video

Shortly after the Porsche Carrera GT driven by former driver Roger Rodas and Paul Walker hit a tree , someone was recording the fire was " licking " the luxury car .

In a video uploaded on Youtube , witnesses , or crossing it had asked a friend who was at the wheel of his car to pull off . He continues to record the burning car .

Black smoke from the Porsche car looks soared , with the fire lit . The driver then turned off the engine , and out of the car while continuing to record .

Atmosphere The street was deserted . Suddenly, there was an explosion from the direction of the car . As he ran , the video recorder away from the location of the car is still burning . The Recorder said that people in the car died .

Paul Walker ( 40 ) is well known for his film The Fast and the Furious declared killed in a car accident after the Porsche he was traveling hit a tree in Santa Clarita , California , Los Angeles , on Saturday ( 30/11/2013 ) local time . The death news of Paul Walker was a trending topic on the internet .

Detailed actor named Paul William Walker IV was born on 12 September 1973 . He's been playing the film since 1986 , but his name began to be known since starred in Varsity Blues in 1999 .

Paul Walker name increasingly flying after he played the character Brian O'Connor in the movie Fast and the Furious with Vin Diesel .

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