Adam Sandler ; Growing Up 2, get bad criticism

adam sandler

Who is not familiar with adam sandler, a comedian who was born on 9 September 1966 bimtang comedy is a very well-known. Besides Adam Sandler as a comedian, he is also a singer, screenwriter, film producer and an American who also sings and plays guitar. He became famous while playing in famous films like Punch-Drunk Love (2002), Spanglish (2004), and Reign Over Me (2007). He began his career in the film world since 1989.

Adam Sandler's latest movie is Grown Up 2. The second film tells the story of Lenny (Sandler) who moves to her hometown to raise their children. The move then sparked a lot of funny events.

Grown Up 2 got bad ratings from many critics. Grown Up 2 is considered too much indulgence in meaningless mischief. This sequel to the recently released in the U.S. today, Friday (12/07). The release is accompanied by negative criticism even before many media predict this film will achieve success. Critics called the film is more suitable than the children watched adult audience (grown-up).

Sara Stewart of the New York Post says that the film is classified as "disgusting". "Between the scene and the other one no attachment and not logical," he wrote in his review. A similar sentiment was expressed by Claudia Puig of USA Today. One of the things that drew criticism from Grown Up 2 is a repetition of the old humor in this second film.

Alongside big names Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock and Salma Hayek sexiness is not able to cover the gaps in the storytelling Grown Ups 2.

Of course this is not the first for Adam Sandler movies that get bad criticism from film critics. Previously, some hardcore adam sandler also get a bad rating from the movie critics. Among them are Jack and Jill, In the film, Sandler plays Jack and his twin sister Jill asked as the worst lead actor.

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