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convert to pdf files from your word, powerpoint, excel or image files for $5

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 Convert to pdf files from your word, powerpoint, excel or image files for $5

Google Glasses, The Next Google Project

Transform science fiction into a reality, that's what Google has been the motivation in every new project. This time, Google officially announced the project that had been kept secret, which is a smart google glasses.

This project dubbed Project that will create the glasses Glass Augmented Reality (AR). Google promises, these google glasses can do many things (multi-tasking) as a smartphone.

Concept in a video titled "Glass Project: One day ..." released on Wednesday (03/04/2012), Google showed how smart glasses capable of taking pictures, show the directions through Google Maps, check-in location, schedule appointments, and even do video chats.

Yes, all the activities that will appear in the spectacle lens, right in front of users. The design was created fashionable google glasses.

However, the giant search engine has not given its leaks about and how to control it, because Google wants to accommodate suggestions from all concerned with this project.

"We announced this project now, because we want to establish communication and receive a precious insert from you all," wrote Babak Parviz, Steve Lee and Sebastian Thrun on the Project page on Google + Glass.

There is no certainty whether these glasses will also use the Android operating system, such as smart glasses Moverio BT-100 has been released Epson.

To find out what kinds of google glasses projects being worked on Google, please watch the video concept.