Google Stop Indexing Twitter

Google search engine from now on do not give an index of search results with a symbol or character @ (at) which is synonymous with social networking Twitter.

Try it you enter the keyword '@' followed your Twitter account name in the search engine Google. So, Google's search results does not recognize the symbol '@' and tweet-tweet Twitter account in question does not appear in search results.

Previously, between Google and Twitter under contract, explaining that the chirp of Twitter users included in the search results in real time search engine Google.
Google Stop Indexing Twitter

Twitter is done every day since there are 200 million chirp posed via Twitter. However, in July 2011 and then, a contract the two companies has ended. Twitter did not extend the contract.

Twitter Party expressed disappointment over what Google do. This step could be Google's strategy to stop the dominance of Twitter in the realm of social networking. Because, Google would take up the popularity of social networks they belong to, Google +.

During this time, Google was the mainstay of Internet users to relevant search results. However, it turns out Google is more decided to not include the index chirp Twitter and create strategies to Google + are at the forefront of search results.

This will slightly reduce the personal satisfaction of Google users who want to find their chirp on Twitter.

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