Who is the U.S. Creditor ?

The U.S. national debt of 14.3 trillion dollars will certainly grow again. You see, on Monday (08/01/2011) and the U.S. Congress approved the addition of another 2.1 trillion dollars of debt even though it was not immediately realized.

Such new agreement that congressional mandate. That is, if U.S. difficulties to pay the debt, then the U.S. can no longer borrow to pay debts. The addition of debt is also intended to fill the U.S. Treasury to cover daily operational expenses.

However, the interesting thing is that anyone other U.S. creditors? Or in other words, anyone who is supplying the U.S. debt.

The Associated Press writes that the debt, among others sourced from within the country. One is 4.6 trillion U.S. dollars, and nearly all derived from the use of temporary acceptance of Social Security (Social Security Revenues).

Proceeds from this sector are not directly allocated to the payment of social security, but stacked in a particular post. These funds used to finance the budget deficit while the U.S. government, and still is considered debt.

Then from where the source of U.S. debt by 9.7 trillion dollars more? This debt, among others, derived from the buyers of U.S. government bonds by financial institutions and banks, pension funds, individual investors, local government, from different countries, and foreign investors.

However, nearly half, or 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars of U.S. debt by 9.7 trillion dollars sourced from foreign parties such as from China of 1.15 trillion U.S. dollars, followed by Japan at 907 billion U.S. dollars, and also from various walks other overseas.

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