Want to Compete With iPad, Hewlett Packard Cut HP Touchpads Price

In order to emulate the iPad in the market, Hewlett Packard (HP) is willing to cut the price of their own tablet PCs for consumers, hp touchpad.

As quoted by AFP on Saturday (13/08/2011), HP has cut prices for tablet HP TouchPad with a view to rival the iPad sales in the tablet market.

Tablet HP touchpad have 16GB of memory previously offered by Hewlett Packard with a price USD400, while the HP touchpad 32GB memory is offered at a price of USD500. The devices are scheduled to have a price cut $ 100 off the original price.

HP TouchPad launched in the United States (U.S.) in early July, and sold in stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.com.
Unlike the iPad, HP TouchPad supports Adobe Flash video format. HP TouchPad running its own OS called webOS, developed by Palm, the company mobile devices that acquired by Hewlett Packard last year at a cost of $ 1, 2 billion. 

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