a movement that we may not realize it or we never thought, have been started.

In few days, we have seen the economic condition in few countries in europe and economic conditions in United States have been decreased.  Economic crisis faced by European countries greatly affect the value of currencies, as well as the crisis faced by the United States made very difficult for a stable dollar. The signs we can see at currency news in recent days.

European economy as well as the United States, they decreased the currency and an unstable position. Although we know that the cause of the crisis they are not the same, but we know that the problems they face may be the same in currency exchange rates.

Whether what is happening on both continents, but we can see that something is approaching them. Greek crisis, london riots, and may also spread to the countries of Europe to another. Maybe we do not want these events was transmitted to other countries. But we should not turn a blind eye that all started from causation.

Do you realize for something? a movement that we may not realize it or we never  thought, have been started.

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