Hurricane Irene Hit New England

Hurricane Irene began to hit the U.S. East Coast region on Saturday afternoon local time. Millions of homes and offices in darkness in New Jersey because of loss of electricity supply. In the meantime, eight people were reportedly killed.

SAR officers have warned the residents who stubbornly throughout Virginia to New England for refuge. The appeal is the anticipation of the flood hazard that can strike at any time so send rain storm with high rainfall.

"If you're in the wrong place and time, the storm could kill you," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as quoted by the news station CNN.

Of the eight deaths, five are in North Carolina while the two others were found dead by a falling tree and crashed into trees in separate places. Meanwhile, one victim was killed another was a surfer who was riding the waves in Florida.

new england
New England residents to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irene (AP Photo / Mel Evans)

Cyclone with a speed around 128 km / h was plunged bercurah North Carolina with approximately 356 millimeters of rain.

Although Irene has eased a little strength, yet he was ready to hit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, to New England. Countless homes and offices are in ruins. Floods submerge thousands of homes.

In North Carolina, electricity outages in 516 thousand homes. "At about 5 am, power outages," said Clayton Gaskill, a small radio broadcasters around the site.

In Virginia, more than 600 thousand homes and offices are no longer electrified. Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell stated that the situation will probably continue into next week.

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