Crop Circle: From UFO, Satan, Up to Trickery

Crop circles or circular pattern on the farm, reportedly first appeared in England in 1647. Widely publicized appearance in the media since the late 1970s. This phenomenon is most mysteriously appear at night.

Crop circles are almost always associated with the story of UFOs (Unidentified flying object), despite the fact that, most of the patterns were evident due to man-made or natural factors. Only about 20 percent of the ihwalnya still a mystery, until now.

Here, a number of corp circle from time to time:

1647: The Mowing Devil or "Satan's Cutting '

Year 1647 marked the first appearance of crop circles. Its location in Berkshire, England. This phenomenon is recorded in a pamphlet d pieces of wood and known as 'The Mowing Devil'. The pamphlet tells of a farmer who refused to cut the cost of wheat is too, and claimed to prefer to hire the devil. Mentioned, crop circles that appeared in 1647 was likely the work of the devil.

1880: Report of the Journal Nature

Someone named Brandon Meland report to the journal Nature. He claimed to find some giant circle-shaped pattern on his farm. He suspected it had something to do with wind nipple-pickaxe.

1966: The cornerstone of flying saucers in Tully, Australia

The news about the existence of crop circles had subsided over the decades. News about the strange phenomenon that exploded back in 1966 in Tully, Australia. A banana farmer, George Pedley, said she saw an object like a flying saucer shot from a lagoon area. Pedley then found a large circular formation, which then touted the area's former flying saucer landing.

Police investigation found there were five similar formations near that location. Concluded, it is the result of 'Willy-willy', a small circular storms in the tropics.

1978: Crop-made Bower and Chorley


In the 1970's, crop circles outbreak in the UK and attracted the attention of world media. In 1978, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley started making crop circles at night. They hope it will attract media attention. However, their attempts always fail because it kept the wind swept. In 1981, they made more complex formations in Winchester.

Just the way they unfold in 1991 and they admit it in public. The reason: Bower had to convince his wife that he was often out at night is not for cheating.

After Chorley died suddenly in 1996, Bower worked alone makes corp circle, this time for the sake of art.

1991: Barbury Castle Formation


Increasingly complex crop circle formations in the 1980's. Crop circle at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire showed a much more complicated pattern. This is the first time, there is a crop circle that looks do not simeteris and claimed is a mathematical proof of the pattern of the universe. The origins of crop circles is still a mystery until now.

1992: Crop Circle Competition Buckinghamshire

A total of 12 teams competed to create the best crop circle hoax for the sake of fighting over a prize of 5200 pounds.

Great work began. There is a team that even using a helicopter to lower a pipe and ladder. There also are choosing a simple way, using a lawn mower. According to organizers, the participants' work proves that the crop circles as complex as any human could be just a hoax.

1992: Crop Circle Hoax Author Sentenced

In Hungary, two ambitious young farmer for the first time brought to justice because of crop circles. Just 17 years old, Gabor Takacs and Robert Dallos making crop circles in wheat fields are large outside Budapest. Three months later, they acknowledged that act on television. Farm owners who growled finally demanded their top causes the damage they have.

1995: Birth of

In 1995, the group Circlemakers create a site containing various information about crop circles, online discussion forums, and even instructions on how to make crop circles.

In 2002, the Discovery Channel asked graduates of the University MIT, Boston, USA, to make crop circles and document them in a documentary titled: "Crop Circles: Mystery In The Fields." The purpose of the event to show the appearance of this circular pattern could be just a feint -power alone. (Source: | kd)

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