Chilean miners story Exhibited in U.S.

Natural History Museum of the United States starting on Friday (05/08/2011) This allows the public to witness the exhibition titled "Against All Odds: Mine Rescue in Chile".

The exhibition showcases the success story of Chile's rescue 33 miners trapped for 69 days in copper and gold mine as deep as 700 meters in Copiapo, San Jose, Chile, last year.

The opening exhibition for the public to coincide with the anniversary of the collapse of the mine on August 5, 2010. Four miners who survived, namely Mario Sepulveda, Jorge Galleguillos, Jose Henriquez, Carlos Barrios and specifically came to Washington on Wednesday to officially open this exhibition.

The miners are trapped, and rescuers initially close to giving up, but 17 days later all found alive.

The miners had to wait for seven more weeks before a special hole made it to where they take refuge. They then removed one by one inside the metal capsule. The prototype capsule, including one of the items on display.

"This is the worst experience of my life. All the dreams we left behind at the bottom there," said Sepulveda, who was appointed miners second from the bottom of the mine. Lives of the miners after the saved, and the transition from ordinary workers into media celebrity, a new challenge for them. Television cameras follow their progress.

Around the world, they are regarded as heroes, but at home they become the object of envy. "Everyone thinks we are now rich. In fact, our suffering is much greater than they imagine," said Galleguillos.

Henriquez insisted, they are not heroes. "If there is a hero, it is God-given spirit that kept us united," he said. To keep the spirit of his colleagues, every day Henriquez recited some verses of Scripture.

Scripture Henriquez was loaned to the museum for display. Other items on display including a helmet joined the miners, who brought Sepulveda rock samples from the bottom of the mine, drill used to dig a hole to save them, as well as a flag of Chile, signed by all 33 miners.

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