Battles Two Cartel, Gulf and Zetas, profitable Mexico Military

Mexican military seriously counting down the days to quell the drug in that country. Are two of the Zetas drug cartel and the Gulf is the culprit drug violence in the country. Well, according to AP and AFP on Thursday (04/08/2011), the two groups was the middle of hostile great. The spat living dead to fight over control of smuggling routes of drugs from Mexico into the U.S.. That means the military can take advantage of that opportunity.

Current, the Mexican military announced the arrest of a member of the Zetas cartel named Valdemar Quintanilla Soriano. Military suspected, he was the second person in the organization's financial forbidden.

Valdemar Soriano Quintanilla was arrested in the northern city of Saltillo in the state of Coahuila. There, weapons and cash were also found. Another suspect of the Zetas cartel, Jose Guadalupe Yanez Martinez, was also detained. "During the last month, Soriano Quintanilla often visited Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, Saltillo and Monclova in Coahuila to manage financial affairs as well as payments to officers who worked for this criminal organization," said Colonel Ricardo Trevilla, a spokesman for the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense.

The main suspect of the other Zetas cartel, Rejón Jesus Enrique Aguilar, was also detained last month. The cartel was formed by former members of special forces soldiers of Mexico.

Rejón previously a member of the Mexican army special forces. However, he chose desertion in 1999, said officials of the country.

Zetas group initially served as mercenaries in order to secure the interests of the Gulf cartel. But then Zetas choose its own path, and against his former employer in a battle for narcotics smuggling routes

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