Anti-divorce Tips

Maybe some of those wonders, tips useful are anti-divorce from a man who has not even been married a year? People who have not felt the difficulty of keeping the family well so as to lasting until old age.

This is the anti-divorce Tips

Be the pilot and co-pilot

Stephen Covey in his book said that as a married couple, as it navigates the household can take the parable of the pilot and co-pilot of an aircraft. Some of the things he stressed and I get from some of the patient experience and behavior analysis are as follows:

1. Training

Being a pilot and co-pilot training needs. To become an expert at piloting the aircraft a course must be declared ready to become a pilot capable of flying the plane. Even within each flight manual book he always carried a pilot in preparation in case there is a danger in flight. It's also what happens in preparation before marriage.

Readiness body and soul need to enter the marriage. The material just is not enough, especially mental readiness readiness to commit is the most important. This training can be obtained from the life of each partner, parenting and family values ​​are very instrumental in the formation of character. Courtship also can sometimes be a trial period of readiness, although not necessarily all the same as the married.

Do not forget to also add to the knowledge of good books in providing knowledge about running a household.

2. The
Same of the purpose

The pilot and co-pilot before flying the plane will determine the direction the plane. What is the altitude, how fast, which direction will be all discussed and determined before the plane goes. Likewise with marriage.

As a pilot husband and wife as co-pilot also needs to have the same goals. There will be a good result if the husband and wife different purposes. Communicate this goal together as domestic aircraft will be taken by both of us with a partner.

3. Preparation for the storm

Sometimes the plane journey we face storms and turbulence. To that sometimes the pilot and co-pilot had to change direction or plane landed at the nearest airport. Everything discussed immediately for safety. Likewise in marriage.

Often the storms come to disturb the household. This needs to be recognized by both sides if you want to change direction. Talk between husband and wife about what to do. Define new goals and communicate well and effectively. The hope remains that the purpose of households is the result of both decisions.

Hopefully the above tips can be a bit much to remind us again of the purpose of our home lives.

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