Arsenal Transfer News 2011

Defender Armand Traore (21) has left Arsenal and joined Queens Park Rangers (QPR). This was conveyed by Arsenal on his official website.

"Armand Traore has joined Queens Park Rangers, with three-season contract and the transfer of an undisclosed value," said Arsenal.

Traore has played 32 times for Arsenal since purchased from Monaco, in 2006. In addition, Traore played for Portsmouth (2008-2009) and Juventus (2010-2011) as a loan player.

Werder Bremen defender Per Mertesacker, just one step away from joining Arsenal. Mertesacker German media reported was undergoing medical tests.

This was disclosed by Germany coach Joachim Low. The coach gave temporary permission to leave training camp ahead of Mertesacker against Austria in Euro 2012 qualifier on Friday (09/02/2011).

"Per has contacted me last night and he informed me (about Per's interest to Arsenal). I have given him permission off today," explained Low.

According to reports in England, Arsenal Mertesacker bringing the price of eight million euros with the duration of the contract for four seasons. Besides Mertesacker, "The Gunners" are also just one step away to get Fenerbahce defender, Andre Santos.

Yersinia Pestis Pictures in Research

Many people want to know the Yersinia pestis pictures, pictures of the types of deadly bacteria that is one of the largest epidemic in Europe. A team of German and Canadian scientists have confirmed the bacterium that causes plague "Black Death" (The Black Death) which occurred about 600 years ago. Plague that causes a third of European citizens were killed in 1348-1353 it was the bacteria Yersinia pestis.

The death of 75 million Europeans are called the "Black Death" because of the victim's skin is blackened due to bleeding under the skin (subdermal). Having previously is still doubted by some quarters that the death caused by bacteria Yersinia pestis, scientists from the University of Tubingen Germany, and Canada's McMaster University has been able to confirm that Yersinia pestis was behind the outbreak of the well-known in history as the "Great Mortality" or the Great Mortality.

yersinia pestis pictures
Yersinia Pestis Pictures
The results, as broadcast on the Science Daily, Monday (29/08/2011) or Tuesday (08/30/2011) pm, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. International team of researchers for the first time been able to decode the circular genome is important to explain the virulence or the degree of malignancy bacterium Yersinia pestis and is accompanied Yersinia pestis pictures. This is called pPCP1 plasmid and consists of about 10,000 positions in the DNA of bacteria. The explanation is also included Yersinia pestis pictures.

Samples taken from the frame of a cemetery for plague victims in London, England. The working group in Tubingen led by Dr. Johannes Krause uses a new technique "fishing molecule" of the tooth enamel and sequenced using technology terbaru.Hal is shown in enlargement of Yersinia pestis pictures.

In this way, the fragments are connected to the length genome sequence was identical to the bacterial pathogen causing the outbreak. "That suggests that at least this part of the genetic information that has barely changed in 600 years," Krause said, pointing out Yersinia pestis pictures.

The researchers were also able to show that DNA from the cemetery for plague victims in London are of medieval origin. To do that, they examined the damage to DNA that occurs only in old DNA.

"Without a doubt, the plague pathogen is known today as Yersinia pestis causes also in medieval plague," says Krause. Yersinia pestis pictures, now very easily to find on the internet and is a valuable knowledge. 

Hurricane Irene Hit New England

Hurricane Irene began to hit the U.S. East Coast region on Saturday afternoon local time. Millions of homes and offices in darkness in New Jersey because of loss of electricity supply. In the meantime, eight people were reportedly killed.

SAR officers have warned the residents who stubbornly throughout Virginia to New England for refuge. The appeal is the anticipation of the flood hazard that can strike at any time so send rain storm with high rainfall.

"If you're in the wrong place and time, the storm could kill you," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as quoted by the news station CNN.

Of the eight deaths, five are in North Carolina while the two others were found dead by a falling tree and crashed into trees in separate places. Meanwhile, one victim was killed another was a surfer who was riding the waves in Florida.

new england
New England residents to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irene (AP Photo / Mel Evans)

Cyclone with a speed around 128 km / h was plunged bercurah North Carolina with approximately 356 millimeters of rain.

Although Irene has eased a little strength, yet he was ready to hit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, to New England. Countless homes and offices are in ruins. Floods submerge thousands of homes.

In North Carolina, electricity outages in 516 thousand homes. "At about 5 am, power outages," said Clayton Gaskill, a small radio broadcasters around the site.

In Virginia, more than 600 thousand homes and offices are no longer electrified. Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell stated that the situation will probably continue into next week.

One Million People Leave the New Jersey Coast

More than one million people left coastal towns in New Jersey, United States, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irene on Saturday (27/08/2011). Mandatory evacuation includes all the resorts in the state, including the well known places, such as Atlantic City, Cape May, and Long Beach Island.

Irene is expected to hit the state with winds of at least 120 kilometers per hour and 15-30 inches of rainfall began late Saturday. Four people were reported dead in North Carolina and Virginia when the storm was moving toward the north."More than one million people have left the coast of Jersey in the last 24 hours," said Gov. Chris Christie at a press conference.

"The best way to preserve human life on the Jersey coast is clear the region of the human being in there." In an American Red Cross shelter in Toms River, about 13 miles west of Seaside Heights, a barrier island city, as many as 375 people prepared to sleep in the cot provided on a school hall, including European students are recruited for summer jobs.

"We came to the shelter because we wanted to come," said Emiliya Ileva (22), student from Bulgaria who worked in the city since May.

It was similar to that experienced Stoyanka Simeonova (24). "I had nowhere to stay so I came here," he said. Both students came from the town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Sidney Farcy shelter manager of the American Red Cross said the facility was filled with people who take refuge on Saturday afternoon and the cot will be added again. One shelter is provided at the school again. "If people continue to grow and the cyclone is still in progress, provided a shelter again," said Farcy, from Joplin,

Missouri, where ever hit by a tornado in May. Christie said that in Atlantic County, one of the evacuated areas, 90 percent of residents and visitors have gone, but few parents still survive. Police will visit as many as 600 people who survived and tried to persuade merkea to go, said the governor.

Casinos and hotels in Atlantic City, vacated by order of the governor. A state of emergency has been imposed in New Jersey since Thursday. Hurricane Irene moved to the beach in Outer Banks, North Carolina, near Cape Lookout, at around 07:30 local time. At 05.00 local time its center located at 80 km south southeast of Norfolk, Virginia, and 545 miles southwest of New York.

Irene Hurricane on New York

Hundreds of New Yorkers to leave their homes, since the local authorities ordered a mass evacuation in anticipation of Irene Hurricane. Local authorities also announced the closure of services such tranporasi subway and city buses began Saturday afternoon.

"We've never done a mass evacuation like this before," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail. "It's very serious. You can not wait until the wind comes, it's a matter of life and death." "

Not only land transportation, aviation authorities have also announced the closure of five airports in New York City to anticipate the disaster this weekend. The closure is made for landing the plane is certain to disrupt hundreds of flights.

In some business center, residents busy closing windows and glass walls with plywood to block the blow with hurricane force winds are expected to reach 90 mph or 144 km / hour. "The area we will be hit by typhoons and the wall of water that is very dangerous," Bloomberg said.

Widespread panic since Friday night making the citizens to attempt to hoard stocks of foodstuffs and daily necessities. Residents seem to worry about closing access to transport will stop the distribution lines and make scarce food stocks. They also worried that there was no restaurant open during the emergency status applies.

Concerns are recorded clearly by the many people who buy goods in a supermarket staple. Their action leaving empty shelves in some supermarkets.

Unrest becoming unstoppable as U.S. President Barack Obama said that the United States will experience a 'historic hurricane'. Experts predict hurricane flooding not only trigger but also broke the glass skyscrapers.

Millions of residents in the east coast of the United States preparing for the assault Irene Hurricane. Besides New York, the state of New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina have also established an emergency status. Residents asked to stay away from the path of mighty raging winds that killed five people and destroying several buildings in the Bahamas.

Washington's magnitude 5.8 earthquake rocked

An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale shook the eastern coast of the United States. The quake was the strongest recorded since the last 67 years. Earthquake makes office workers rushing out of buildings, including officials at the White House, Capitol and the Pentagon that had to be evacuated.

As quoted by the Associated Press, Wednesday, August 24, 2011, based on the USGS reports, the quake was centered 90 miles southwest of Washington.

Until now there has been no reports of residents who died or suffered serious injuries. However, the reported number of buildings were damaged. The central tower and three of the four towers at the corner of Cathedral suffered damage.

President Barack Obama has also been reported that in general, there is no significant infrastructure damage. Including airports and nuclear facilities.

Speaker of the United States Nuclear Agency, Roger Hannah, said two nuclear reactors at North Anna Power Station, located close to the epicenter, was automatically extinguished.

At the Pentagon, the quake made a mess of the workers. Major damage to buildings occurred in a main working space, which result from damage to water pipes.

Meanwhile, reportedly also museums and monuments in the National Maal closed. Meanwhile, there were reports that the ceiling collapsed at Reagan National Airport. Workers at the Capitol had been evacuated just can take his belongings in his office in the afternoon.

Damage also occurred at the National Cathedral. Cracks appeared in the buttress around the apse. "Everybody here is safe," as quoted from the official Twitter account Cathedral. "Please pray for the Cathedral because there is some damage here."

Moammar Gadhafi Disappear

The rebels controlled most of Libya Tripoli in a lightning advance. They celebrated his victory at Green Square, the symbolic center of Moammar Gadhafi regime. Proponents Khadafy as if melted instantly when the power of the leader's 42 years began to crumble. However, the presence of unknown Khadafy and pockets of resistance still exist.

State television broadcast a request bitterly against the people of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi to defend his regime. Opposition forces have captured two sons, including those staying promised will replace him, Saif al-Islam. Saif together Khadafy face charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Netherlands. Another of his sons was reported to be under house arrest.

"It's over, curly head!" shouted hundreds of men and women who gathered happily at the Green Field on Sunday night. "The head of curly" is a mocking nickname for curly hair Moammar Gadhafi. They rejoice and fired shots into the air, clapping, and waving the tricolor flag rebel. Some of them burn the green flag Khadafy regime and punch Khadafy pictorial posters.

Breakthrough surprise the rebels, after a long deadlock in six-month civil war in Libya, the culmination of a coordinated plan of insurgents, NATO and anti-Khadafy resident in Tripoli, said the rebel leader. Western forces drove insurgents from as far as 30 kilometers in a matter of hours on Sunday. They held the town after town and a major military base. Residents welcome them. At the same time, the population of Tripoli, who had secretly armed by the rebels rose up against Moammar Gadhafi.

When rebel forces reached the gates of Tripoli, a special battalion Khadafy entrusted to guard the capital city soon surrendered. The reason, the commander whose brother had been executed Moammar Gadhafi last year, secretly loyal to the rebels, said a senior rebel official, Fathi al-Steel, told The Associated Press.

Al-Steel, head of the rebel's political committee, said the opposition National Transition Council has been working for three months for the attack. It was coordinated with NATO and the rebels in Tripoli. Sleeping cell network was established in Tripoli, the rebels were armed with smuggled weapons. On Thursday and Friday, intensive NATO attacked Tripoli. On Saturday, the sleeper cells that start to rise. In another development, U.S. President Barack Obama said Libya "is to escape from the clutches of a tyrant" and urged Moammar Gadhafi to give up power to prevent bloodshed. "The future of Libya is now in the hands of the Libyan people," Obama said in a statement from Martha's Vineyard, where he was vacationing. He promised to cooperate with the rebels.

Monday morning, the opposition forces controlled most of Tripoli. Rated the Green Golf Scramble has a deep symbolic meaning. The square was a place of his supporters rallied Khadafy regime held almost every night. Moammar Gadhafi gave a speech to the loyal supporters of the historic Red Fort overlooking the plaza.

Rebels and residents of Tripoli is now set up checkpoints around the city, although pockets of pro-Khadafy troops remain there. At a location, the AP reporter who was with the rebels stopped and told to take a different route because there are snipers Moammar Gadhafi regime in the immediate region.

Latest News From Libya, Rebels Enter Tripoli

The sound of gunfire and explosions rocked Tripoli through the night after the opposition launched an attack Moammar Khadafy efflux rose to overthrow the Libya leader who has been in power more than 40 years.

"At the last moment (for Khadafy) has arrived. The rebels have risen," said Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, Vice Chairman of the National Transition Council (NTC), the name for the rebels based in Benghazi, eastern Libya, on Sunday (21 / 8 / 2011).

Tripoli has been relatively untouched by the civil war in Libya that has lasted more than five months. However, since government troops captured the nearby shrine city of Tripoli, a week ago, the battle takes place closer to the Libya capital. With the capture of the shrine, located on the main route into the capital, Tripoli practically cut off from the outside world.

Residents of Tripoli said, scholars in several districts of the city it calls on citizens to rise up against Khadafy. The appeal was submitted after the time of breaking fast on Saturday evening, through mosque loudspeakers. "We could hear shooting in several places. Some people go out, most young people. Rebellion (in Tripoli) has begun," said one resident told Reuters.

The fighting continues near Mitigation Air Base, District Tajourah, until after midnight. The bodies of the rebels who were killed in the fighting found in the District Qadah and some other parts of the city.

While in the district of al-Dahmania Zawiyat at least found the bodies of three soldiers loyal to Khadafy. Higher moral rebels after more officials loyal to Khadafy eventually defected to the rebels.

The day before the attack on Tripoli, the right hand Khadafy, Abdel Salam Jalloud, defected and is now rumored to be in Rome, Italy. When he was interviewed television station Al Jazeera via the internet connection, Jalloud call to the people of Tripoli to rise up against tyranny. "Tonight, you gain the victory over fear!" Jalloud said.

Khadafy himself said the rebel attack was nothing more than attack "rats" that have been eradicated. "The mice that had been attacked by the mob, tonight, and they have been exterminated," said Khadafy through an audio recording broadcast on Libya national television station.

Khadafy indicates the attack was aided by NATO air strikes. "I knew there was bombing from the air, but the sound of fireworks is still louder than the sound of bombs dropped from airplanes," said Khadafy.

Previously, Khadafy son, Saif al-Islam, also appeared on television and confirmed, the revolution in Libya will not succeed. "All of you will not see us, the people of Libya, a white flag and surrendered. It's impossible. This is our country and we will not leave here," said Saif.

Prevent Paralysis Stroke with Potassium Rich Foods

Recent research published in the Journal Stroke claim, they who eat fruits, vegetables and dairy products are high in potassium, a lower risk of suffering a paralysis stroke than those who received less intake of these minerals.

The findings are based on the results of an analysis of 10 international studies involving more than 200,000 volunteers and middle aged adults.

The study results revealed that each increase of 1,000 milligrams (mg) of potassium in your diet every day associated with a decreased likelihood of suffering a paralysis stroke by 11 percent within five to 14 years into the future.

According to Susanna Larsson, head of research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, it can be interpreted as considerable benefits for everyone. This study, he said, does not necessarily prove that potassium itself that provide positive benefits, but strengthens the evidence from previous research that these minerals may useful.

Foods high in potassium is generally is known as a healthy food source, such as nuts, various fruits such as bananas avocados, oranges, green vegetables, and low-fat milk.

Potassium itself is an electrolyte needed to maintain body fluid balance, and is also involved in the mechanism of action of nerve, muscle control, and blood pressure regulation.

Various studies have indicated that diets high in potassium help maintain healthy blood pressure and may protect against heart disease and paralysis stroke.

In his study, Larrson and colleagues studied nearly 270,000 people, and 8695 of them (one of 30 people) of them suffered a paralysis stroke. Decrease in paralysis stroke risk seen when an increase in intake of 1,000 mg of potassium per day after accounting for other factors such as age, exercise and smoking habits.

According to researchers, in particular potassium was associated with a reduced risk of 
Ischemic stroke, caused by blockage of brain arteries. Ischemic stroke that reaches about 80 percent of strokes.


This finding is in line with a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which followed more than 12,000 adults over 15 years. The researchers found that people who eat more sodium but low potassium intake, increased risk of dying from various types of diseases.

Potassium is a mineral that functions in the body to help balance the effects of sodium, keeping blood pressure and helps the body remove fluid berebih. According to the CDC, in adults, the average should get no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day. Meanwhile, for those aged over 50 years, and have high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease, it is recommended to limit sodium intake to 1,500 mg a day.

As for potassium, the CDC recommends adults to get 4700 mg a day of food. But in people with kidney disease and are taking certain drugs such as (hypertension) should be careful. Too high levels of potassium in the blood can cause a condition called hyperkalemia, which can trigger heart rhythm disturbances.

Want to Compete With iPad, Hewlett Packard Cut HP Touchpads Price

In order to emulate the iPad in the market, Hewlett Packard (HP) is willing to cut the price of their own tablet PCs for consumers, hp touchpad.

As quoted by AFP on Saturday (13/08/2011), HP has cut prices for tablet HP TouchPad with a view to rival the iPad sales in the tablet market.

Tablet HP touchpad have 16GB of memory previously offered by Hewlett Packard with a price USD400, while the HP touchpad 32GB memory is offered at a price of USD500. The devices are scheduled to have a price cut $ 100 off the original price.

HP TouchPad launched in the United States (U.S.) in early July, and sold in stores like Best Buy, Walmart and
Unlike the iPad, HP TouchPad supports Adobe Flash video format. HP TouchPad running its own OS called webOS, developed by Palm, the company mobile devices that acquired by Hewlett Packard last year at a cost of $ 1, 2 billion. 

Knowing Triglyceride

Doctors recommend that men and women to check the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride blood fats at least every five years, beginning at age 20 years. Triglycerides are another type of body fat. If excessive amount of triglycerides is also considered to facilitate the formation of atherosclerosis, although the relationship has not been as clear as the number of cholesterol. To know the meaning of your triglyceride test results, consider the following explanation.

Less than 150 mg / dL (Normal)

This means your risk for cardiovascular disease is low. You can keep it always in normal conditions by maintaining ideal body weight remains, exercising regularly, quitting smoking and have a healthy diet.

150mg/dL - 199 mg / dL (upper limit) 

Triglyceride levels in this range is high. Usually caused by lifestyle factors and can still be solved by lifestyle modification. If there are other diseases (such as diabetes, kidney or tirodid), or drugs (eg betablocker or kortisosteroid) that contribute to high triglycerides, you should consult your doctor.

200mg/dl - 499mg/dL (High)

High levels of triglycerides can be caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors. Those in the high category are usually also have heart disease risk factors such as the width of waist circumference or insulin resistance that causes diabetes. Lifestyle changes are the mainstay of therapy that can be done. The drugs sometimes prescribed.

Above 500 mg / dL (Very High)

People who have very high triglyceride levels usually also suffer from type two diabetes and other risk factors for heart disease. If triglyceride levels already exceed 1,000 mg / dl, there will be an increased risk of acute pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas. Very high triglyceride levels are generally treated with lifestyle changes and medications.

World Population Reaches 7 Billion in This Year

World population will reach seven billion by the end of this year, according to a recent study published in France on Thursday (08/18/2011). African continent is still experiencing a huge surge in population growth while the rest of the world tends to decline due to restrictions on birth rate. Being in the top four big state with largest population, China, India, USA and Indonesia.

Study Institute, the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), predicts that the overall world population will continue to happen until it becomes stable at 90-10 billion figure at the end of this century. Of the six billion people, according to estimates in 1999, world population increased by one billion in just 12 years.

INED estimates, it took 14 years to reach eight billion people, before numbers began to stabilize. The study was undertaken together with the UN, the Bank Dunai and a number of other institutions.

Global population growth surged since the 19th century. "Total world population has increased seven-fold over the last two hundred years, to surpass seven billion in 2011, and is expected to reach nine or 10 billion by the end of the 21st century," the report said.

Half of the world's population lives in seven countries. Because of this demographic shift in those countries will have a major influence. China was top of the list with a total population of more than 1.33 billion people, one after another in India with a number of 1.17 billion. Five other countries, according to the order, is the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Nigeria.

INED estimates, by 2050 India will become the most populous state. Beijing's one-child policy will make China's population growth is at a moderate level.

According to the INED, although the total world population continues to grow, its growth rate has declined. World population growth rate at 1.1 percent this year, badingkan with 50 last year by 2 percent. It happened because the level of total births per woman fell to 2.5 children, half of the figure recorded in 1950. But there is a difference between regions is very large. In Africa the average was 4.7 children per woman, while in Europe only only 1.6 children per woman.

6 Good Fat Foods

When you feel fat, the first thing we must blame the fat. Sure, the fat can add weight and contribute to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. However, not all fats are created equal. In fact, there are some fats are actually good for health.

The key to getting healthy fats actually focusing on the good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and avoid bad fats (trans fats and saturated fats). Here are some fatty foods are fun:

a. Avocado
Avocados are high in fat, but most of the fat in avocados is monounsaturated fat, the kind of heart-healthy and actually lowers bad cholesterol. Eating in moderation is key because an avocado contains 30 grams of fat.

b. Eggs
Eggs are a cheap source of nutrition and rich in protein. People often think egg whites are healthier than whole eggs because they contain less fat. Meanwhile, it is true that egg yolks contain fat, but with important nutrients. One whole egg contains 5 grams of fat, but only 1.5 grams of saturated fat. Whole eggs are also a good source of choline (one egg yolk has about 300 micrograms of choline), an important B vitamin that helps regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system.

c. Olive oil
Olive oil is usually used in the Mediterranean diet, one of the most recommended diet for a healthy lifestyle. We also heard that olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. However, once again moderation is essential if you pay attention to your weight. A recent study published in the journal Neurology found that by cooking with olive oil may reduce the risk of stroke.

d. Beans
Nuts healthiest snacks are allowed to be used as the almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, and pistachios are rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids are important for eye health. Research shows eating peanuts in general have more body lean and less likely to suffer type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

e. Peanut butter
Peanut butter is a source of healthy fats. Could try almond or cashew nut butter. Choose the peanut butter with a little sugar content.

f. Fish
Fish meal is actually the healthiest and most delicious of the sea. Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and trout are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are healthy fats, unlike saturated fat commonly found in most meats.

Google spend 12.5 billion U.S. dollars to acquire Motorola Mobility

Shocking news comes from Google, on Monday (8/15/2011). Internet giant is willing to spend 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, to acquire mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility Holdings.

Strategic advantages that will be received by Google is a mastery of the patents owned by Motorola, the  telecommunications-related technology. This will pave the way smoother for the development of the Android platform in the future.

However, this acquisition will put Google as a direct competitor to Apple, RIM, and Nokia. In fact, they become competitors of the mobile phone manufacturers who have been using the Android licensing, such as Samsung, LG, and HTC.

However, Google in a press statement saying there would be no change in the Android business model. Motorola Mobility will be run as companies remain separate from Google and the Android user licenses as other manufacturers.

"Our vision remains unchanged against the Android, and Google remains committed to making Android as an open platform and open source community is great," said Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile on Google. "We will continue to work closely with our Android partners to develop and distribute innovative devices based on Android."

Google's acquisition of Motorola's process will be completed in early 2012.

Jessica Alba Baby

Happy news came from actress Jessica Alba. This pretty and sexy artist has given birth to her second child. Jessica Alba is again blessed with a baby girl.

Stars 'Fantastic Four' and her husband, Cash Warren happy news was immediately announced officially through their personal Facebook account.

"Hello all. Hope you enjoy this weekend. Cash and I'm very excited to announce the birth of our daughter," said Jessica Alba is quoted from Aceshowbiz, Monday, August 15, 2011.

Jessica Alba and her husband have given to these tiny babies. Baby girl named, Garner Warren Haven.

"He was born on Saturday. The baby is healthy and we are very happy," said Jessica Alba.

Previously, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are blessed with a baby girl named Honor. According to Jessica Alba, her first child was very excited to welcome his sister.

Anti-divorce Tips

Maybe some of those wonders, tips useful are anti-divorce from a man who has not even been married a year? People who have not felt the difficulty of keeping the family well so as to lasting until old age.

This is the anti-divorce Tips

Be the pilot and co-pilot

Stephen Covey in his book said that as a married couple, as it navigates the household can take the parable of the pilot and co-pilot of an aircraft. Some of the things he stressed and I get from some of the patient experience and behavior analysis are as follows:

1. Training

Being a pilot and co-pilot training needs. To become an expert at piloting the aircraft a course must be declared ready to become a pilot capable of flying the plane. Even within each flight manual book he always carried a pilot in preparation in case there is a danger in flight. It's also what happens in preparation before marriage.

Readiness body and soul need to enter the marriage. The material just is not enough, especially mental readiness readiness to commit is the most important. This training can be obtained from the life of each partner, parenting and family values ​​are very instrumental in the formation of character. Courtship also can sometimes be a trial period of readiness, although not necessarily all the same as the married.

Do not forget to also add to the knowledge of good books in providing knowledge about running a household.

2. The
Same of the purpose

The pilot and co-pilot before flying the plane will determine the direction the plane. What is the altitude, how fast, which direction will be all discussed and determined before the plane goes. Likewise with marriage.

As a pilot husband and wife as co-pilot also needs to have the same goals. There will be a good result if the husband and wife different purposes. Communicate this goal together as domestic aircraft will be taken by both of us with a partner.

3. Preparation for the storm

Sometimes the plane journey we face storms and turbulence. To that sometimes the pilot and co-pilot had to change direction or plane landed at the nearest airport. Everything discussed immediately for safety. Likewise in marriage.

Often the storms come to disturb the household. This needs to be recognized by both sides if you want to change direction. Talk between husband and wife about what to do. Define new goals and communicate well and effectively. The hope remains that the purpose of households is the result of both decisions.

Hopefully the above tips can be a bit much to remind us again of the purpose of our home lives.

Phenomenon of Net Cash Sweepstakes and Sweepstakes

What do you imagine when you see the word Sweepstakes? You must be thinking about luck and money. Sweepstakes sometimes give you a hope of a fortune. And not infrequently did you find disappointment when you meet sweepstakes.

Lately a lot of illegal sweeptakes found that proved to be a fraud. Many victims fooled once, in a few days there have been many reports coming in the police. Fraud occurs not because of intent, but because of the opportunity.

Sweepstakes program also appears in the cyber world. I found one that is quite popular is Cash Net Sweepstakes. Net Cash Sweeptakes I mention in this post is not to say that the net cash Sweepstakes is Illegal.

Net Cash Sweeptakes itself is a website that is a directory of various existing sweeptakes website. Cash Net Sweepstakes is managed by a single mother who lives in Australia. She develop Sweptakes Net Cash at beginning of the fun free stuff. Starting from it She started to develop a Cash Net Sweepstakes

The existence of fraud victims report sweeptakes show that still has a sense of hard work and rationality is still low. This we can see how many people follow and hoping to win a sweepstakes. Hopefully you are not a victim of illegal sweeptakes .

Pacquiao Occupy the Top Ten Songs

Old song "Sometimes When We Touch" sung by Philippine boxer, Manny Pacquiao entered the ranks of popular songs in the country.

This is the first time able to track Manny Pacquiao in the top 10. The song "Sometimes When We Touch" is an old song that was sung by the singer and songwriter Dan Hill.

This song is a favorite Pacquiao since adolescence. He often sings in berbegai occasions, including when interviewed in a talk-show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" at the end of 2009.

Etysrebut songwriter, and Hill then directly contacted Pacquiao and the two met at the St. Regis in New York, June 2010. "It was like when Elvis met with Muhammad Ali," said Hill, who equated himself with the king of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley.

Both later agreed to record the hit song Hilol. In October 2010, when the middle emmpersiapkan himself against Antonio Margarito, Pacquiao came to the Capital Studios for recording. "He was even still wearing his boxing shorts after a workout," says Hill.

Recording took place rapidly. "I do not want to make him tired because he was preparing to face Margatto," continued Hill.

a movement that we may not realize it or we never thought, have been started.

In few days, we have seen the economic condition in few countries in europe and economic conditions in United States have been decreased.  Economic crisis faced by European countries greatly affect the value of currencies, as well as the crisis faced by the United States made very difficult for a stable dollar. The signs we can see at currency news in recent days.

European economy as well as the United States, they decreased the currency and an unstable position. Although we know that the cause of the crisis they are not the same, but we know that the problems they face may be the same in currency exchange rates.

Whether what is happening on both continents, but we can see that something is approaching them. Greek crisis, london riots, and may also spread to the countries of Europe to another. Maybe we do not want these events was transmitted to other countries. But we should not turn a blind eye that all started from causation.

Do you realize for something? a movement that we may not realize it or we never  thought, have been started.

Meteor Shower Tonight

Two meteor showers may maximum within the Sunday night, August 13, 2011, the actual Perseids meteor showers and Delta Aquarids. The 2nd meteor shower is going to be designed with a complete celestial satellite, which inturn actually hinder eyesight towards the meteor shower.

Delta Aguarids meteor shower highs may happen in the maximum associated with Perseids meteor shower begins. Each may create 15 to 30 shooting stars per hour. “Although there's a visitor vibrant celestial satellite, individuals may nevertheless begin to see the Delta Aquarids rain, ” stated Raminder Singh Samra, a good astronomer in the HUMAN RESOURCES MacMillan Room Center within Vancouver, North america.

Perseids will begin along with regarding five meteors per hour. They may be observed fourteen days prior to mid-August. Whenever a meteor shower highs normally you will find 60 to 120 meteors. Findings could be created beginning from 2 am until dawn. Constellation Perseus in the northeast having a elevation associated with 30 degrees. At the same time, Delta Aquarids exercise may happen within past due This summer as well as earlier July.
Many on the planet can easily see this particular meteor shower. Rainfall is visible obviously inside a darkish region, from the actual glitzy town. “Because faraway celebrity may happen over the noticeable skies, lay down as well as allow your own eye adjust to night, ” Samra recommended.

Delta Aquarids meteor showers and Perseids happen since the Earth’s environment towards the actual confuses created through tiny droplets which are launched comet contaminants. Each one of the contaminants to the environment from 150,000 miles per hour in order to burn off as well as create gentle.

Xinjiang Earthquake, 26 People Wounded

At least 26 people were reported injured and more than 30 homes were damaged after the earthquake magnitude shook the Xinjiang region in western China on Thursday (11/08/2011). Xinhua news agency reported, three injured in critical condition.

China's national earthquake monitoring center reported, the quake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale (SR) with the epicenter near the town of Atux at a depth of about 8 kilometers. While the data U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shows, the quake measuring magnitude 5.2 and was centered 35 kilometers below the ground surface.

China rocked by the worst earthquake in May 2008. An earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter scale when it attacked the Sichuan province and killed about 90,000 people.

Xinjiang province itself was just hit by a wave of violence related to ethnic minority Uyghur, last week.

Iran threatens to Close British Embassy

Iran's parliament plans to close the British Embassy in Tehran in handling cases related to violent riots in the UK problem.

Members of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash Parliament urged the Iranian Foreign Ministry will summon the British diplomat in Tehran as soon as possible to explain the shooting of Mark Duggan.

Ahmadi also reiterated, Mark Duggan of the murder of black British citizens show a racist act in the country. Similarly, as reported by Trend News on Wednesday (10/08/2011).

Murder Mark Duggan assessed clearly a violation of human rights. Besides the economic crisis in Britain, the British military also intervened in another country and this action is also not a good action.

Policy makers in Iran was also deplored, England should have been more prudent in using the funds to take care of its citizens. England currently funds precisely focused to slaughter citizens in the Middle East.

Unrest in Britain began on August 6 at Tottenham, after the shooting of Mark Duggan who allegedly joined in a criminal gang. The unrest also spread to other towns, namely Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Reading and Oxford.

British security forces reportedly have arrested more than 560 people and the riots began to become a serious threat to the UK.

Temple Grandin, An Autistic Story

Temple Grandin
Cast: Claire Danes (Temple Grandin), Julia Ormond (Eustica), Catherine O'Hara (Aunt Anne), David Sam (Professor Carlock) DIRECTOR: Mick Jackson, SCENARIO: Christopher Monger, and William Merritt Johnson

Temple Grandin is a portrait of persistence and perseverance of a young woman who struggled against the opposition-opposition that isolate people with autism, at a time when autism is not yet known.

The film depicts the life of Temple who was diagnosed with autism by a doctor. Even so, amid the turbulent growth, and development of the Temple during the school actually makes a lot of unique talents will lift the cap of women who managed to get a Master of Science in Animal Science.

With all its shortcomings, the young Temple was always thinking out of the box in beyond normal human thought. For example, which bears the Temple since the age of childhood autism able to observe the habits of cattle before being slaughtered by the cowboy.

With these observations, Temple is trying to complete his thesis thinking, "The world is cruel, and we do not have cruelty to animals." Successful method of creating a behavioral tool to calm the animals.

The findings also wrote a magazine article that became subscription cattle breeders, until finally not a few of them asked Temple to present methods.

The film is set in the era of 1975 America could arouse the mindset of people with autism over the years. For example, in one scene Temple admitted more pleased if he is treated the same as other normal people, and more appreciative of those who gave the same job responsibilities as well with other workers.

The story is based on Temple Grandin's book Emergance Scariano Temple Grandin and Margaret, also of Thinking in Pictures Temple Grandin's work trying to bring the perception of the world very differently as a new insight for many people.

Temple Grandin, the production of HBO Original movie winning an Emmy and Golden Globe awards will premiere in Asia 2 September 2011, at 21:00 pm on HBO and HBO HD.

Anonymous Hacker Kill Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day

Anonymous hacker group announced their plans to 'kill' social media Facebook. This they would do because Facebook is deemed to have abused a personal identity of its users.

"The media communication very loved and adored you will soon be destroyed," said a member who confessed on Youtube Anonymous, quoted by CNN, Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

Characters face and voice disguised, admits a representative of Anonymous. He invites Facebook users to participate in the effort to destroy the social media, for the salvation of their personal identity.

"Whatever you put in Facebook, stays in Facebook. Deleting your account is also not possible. Even if you can remove it, all the information you are still there on Facebook and can be raised at any time," he said.

In the video, Anonymous representative also said that Facebook had sold information to the user identity to government agencies spied upon. The plan, these operations will be carried out on 5 November, to coincide with Guy Fawkes day. That day, in 1605 occurred English king an assassination attempt by  Guy Fawkes.

Facebook spokesman declined to comment on the plan are Anonymous. However, Facebook has previously been repeatedly told not to spread the identity of users to third parties without the consent of the user. "We do not provide users' personal information to people or other entities. We will not and will never do that," said Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, a year ago.

However, not all members of Anonymous approve of this attack on Facebook. Keep in mind, Anonymous is an organization of hackers who do not clear the structure of leadership and managers. The organization also does not have a bond and clear rules and allow its members to act independently.

"FYI - # opFacebook only done by some Anons. This shows that not all # Anonymous approve it," wrote the group in a Twitter account, @ GroupAnon. (

The Next Technology of Google on Chromebook

Price Chromebook 3G priced at 500 dollars per unit. While Chromebook access wi-fi connections have sold for 430 U.S. dollars per unit.

The device has a 12.1 inch screen and weighs 1.5 kilograms (kg) is equipped with two USB ports and card reader. Cloud computing technologies available in this tablet. Samsung claims the battery life of up to 8.5 hours of this tablet.

How to use Chrome as a web browser. Accessing documents, games, even watching a film is run through a browser. Users can obtain a new customized applications for operating systems, including the New York Times and the Angry Birds, which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store online.

In addition to Acer, a computer company that will release Chromebook is Samsung. Chromebook a new category of notebooks that try Google introduced with the concept of cloud computing. All applications and data accessed via the Internet so that if the notebook is lost, users can directly access to content back to normal with a new device because all data or application is set up in the cloud that can only be accessed with a secret key to each person.

Who is the U.S. Creditor ?

The U.S. national debt of 14.3 trillion dollars will certainly grow again. You see, on Monday (08/01/2011) and the U.S. Congress approved the addition of another 2.1 trillion dollars of debt even though it was not immediately realized.

Such new agreement that congressional mandate. That is, if U.S. difficulties to pay the debt, then the U.S. can no longer borrow to pay debts. The addition of debt is also intended to fill the U.S. Treasury to cover daily operational expenses.

However, the interesting thing is that anyone other U.S. creditors? Or in other words, anyone who is supplying the U.S. debt.

The Associated Press writes that the debt, among others sourced from within the country. One is 4.6 trillion U.S. dollars, and nearly all derived from the use of temporary acceptance of Social Security (Social Security Revenues).

Proceeds from this sector are not directly allocated to the payment of social security, but stacked in a particular post. These funds used to finance the budget deficit while the U.S. government, and still is considered debt.

Then from where the source of U.S. debt by 9.7 trillion dollars more? This debt, among others, derived from the buyers of U.S. government bonds by financial institutions and banks, pension funds, individual investors, local government, from different countries, and foreign investors.

However, nearly half, or 4.5 trillion U.S. dollars of U.S. debt by 9.7 trillion dollars sourced from foreign parties such as from China of 1.15 trillion U.S. dollars, followed by Japan at 907 billion U.S. dollars, and also from various walks other overseas.

Angelman Syndrome is Genetic Disorder

Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes serious but a constellation of developmental problems in children who are affected, including mental retardation, less talking, and in some cases, autism. More than a decade ago, researchers discovered that the U.S. is caused by mutations in single genes, but none could explain how these defects lead to symptoms of debilitating neurological disease.

The new work from Michael Greenberg, chairman of the department of neurobiology at Harvard Medical School (HMS), providing insight into the mystery by showing that the enzyme is missing, Ube3A, interact with neuronal proteins key to controlling how the environment shapes the input synaptic connections. In other words, the loss Ube3A disrupt the brain's ability to use the environment to enhance the experience of neuronal circuits, which could explain the developmental deficits that occur in the U.S. destroyed. This suggests a new target for treating Angelman syndrome. Currently, physicians can manage some symptoms of AS, but there is no treatment for the core features.

What's more, Ube3A gene also is mutated in some cases of autism, raising the possibility that these findings may also explain some of the problems that occur in autism spectrum disorders, which is 100 times more common than the U.S..

"With this work, we have gone from a place where we can only imagine how Ube3A might work, to be able to think about the possibilities for therapeutic intervention in disorders in which until very recently there was little to do," said Greenberg, Nathan Marsh Pusey professor of neurobiology at HMS.

Angelman Syndrome findings will be published in the March 5 edition. During the first few years of life, the activity of the brain is "rewired" by external stimuli. Tweaking these neural connections is essential to establish normal neurological function, and is expected to go awry in a number of developmental disorders that lead to mental retardation or other cognitive problems. The new work shows that Ube3A is a key regulator in this process, and relationship loss Ube3A for certain changes in synaptic function. 

66 Year bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

66 years ago, in a beautiful and sunny morning in the city of Hiroshima, was startled by the sound of several owned by American aircraft which aims to drop the atomic bomb. The goal is to bombing Japan surrendered to the allies. The bomb was first detonated an atomic bomb for the destruction of human beings. And the incident has made saung creator, Albert Einstein regretted later in life.

The bomb destroyed the majority of the cities of Hiroshima and killed 140 thousand people. The second bomb was dropped on August 9, 1945 in Nagasaki and killed tens of thousands of people. Bombings was caused the Japanese surrendered to Allied forces.

The city of Hiroshima in Japan to commemorate 66 years of dropping the atomic bomb in the city on Saturday (6 / 8).

In the first A-bomb dropped at the world event held a moment of silence at 8:15 am local time, when dropping the bomb on August 6, 1945 by the United States in World War II.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan laid a wreath at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and confirms the promise Japan to not repeat the tragedy of Hiroshima which is still felt in the form of the disease passed down from generation to generation.

66 Year bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hundreds of people holding prayer beads bowed their heads to remember the victims of bomb attacks on Hiroshima in conjunction with the release of doves. (AP/OL-12)

The fall of U.S. Chinook Mystery Revealed

Mystery fall of U.S. chinook  helicopter in Afghanistan, which killed 38 people in it, began to lift. Local government spokesman and commander of Afghan forces in the region mengeatakan helicopter crashed after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) fired by Taliban insurgents.

"U.S. helicopter shot down last night because of the Taliban while on takeoff. Rocket fired by the rebels right on target and destroy at once the helicopter," said Shahid Shahidullah, government spokesman Wardak province, eastern Afghanistan, where the fall chinook incident occurred on Friday ( 05/08/2011) night.

The death toll was composed of 31 U.S. soldiers and seven Afghan soldiers. Everything inside the Chinook helicopter that would take them home after an operation to complete. According to ABC News, as many as 25 U.S. soldiers who were killed were members of the elite Navy SEALs.


Based on the record of AFP and CNN, this is the largest number of victims killed in the coalition forces in one single incident that occurred since the US-led coalition forces attacked Afghanistan, 2001.

According to the Taliban before, they are running the operation raid a house where Taliban insurgents in the gathering of Zayd Abad district, Wardak, which is located in the southwest of Kabul by helicopter chinook. Shahid and the Taliban said eight Taliban insurgents were killed in the attack.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, President Barack Obama, and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to say condolence to the families of the coalition forces who are victims of the tragedy chinook. "Their deaths remind us tremendous sacrifice our military personnel and their families, including all personnel who had served in Afghanistan," Obama said in a statement released by the White House on Saturday (08/06/2011).

Until now, the Pentagon and NATO has not confirmed the cause of the crash. However, if the Afghan official statement is true, this incident such as repeat incidents fall Chinook helicopter in June 2005 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

When about to rescue the soldiers, Chinook helicopters which contains eight members of a special aviation regiment 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and eight other members of the Navy SEALs, was shot down by Taliban militia with RPGs, killing everyone inside. (AFP / CNN / DHF)

Obama's 50th Birthday

President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama even 50 years old on August 4 this. A birthday party will be held at the White House to commemorate the historic day for the number one American.

Furthermore, Obama and his family and his friends would go to the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland this weekend.

Obama's 50th Birthday

On his birthday, Obama continued to work as usual in the morning. At noon, the senior member of staff will toast with Obama at an event d Blue Room of the White House.

Later in the evening, Obama will celebrate with family and friends. A White House officials as reported by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday (08/04/2011) says, the Obama family will hold a birthday party in the White House.

Obama on Wednesday, August 3 pm local time, taking five White House staff to lunch at a restaurant Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, DC.

According to NBC media, Obama joined in line like any other visitor. When will pay orders, Obama is not just treating its staff but also a woman who happened to be in line next to it. Obama ordered a burger, fries and salad for himself.

While at the restaurant frequented by Obama's wife, Michele and two daughters, Malia and Sasha, the visitors say happy birthday to Obama.

Happy birthday, President Obama!

Chilean miners story Exhibited in U.S.

Natural History Museum of the United States starting on Friday (05/08/2011) This allows the public to witness the exhibition titled "Against All Odds: Mine Rescue in Chile".

The exhibition showcases the success story of Chile's rescue 33 miners trapped for 69 days in copper and gold mine as deep as 700 meters in Copiapo, San Jose, Chile, last year.

The opening exhibition for the public to coincide with the anniversary of the collapse of the mine on August 5, 2010. Four miners who survived, namely Mario Sepulveda, Jorge Galleguillos, Jose Henriquez, Carlos Barrios and specifically came to Washington on Wednesday to officially open this exhibition.

The miners are trapped, and rescuers initially close to giving up, but 17 days later all found alive.

The miners had to wait for seven more weeks before a special hole made it to where they take refuge. They then removed one by one inside the metal capsule. The prototype capsule, including one of the items on display.

"This is the worst experience of my life. All the dreams we left behind at the bottom there," said Sepulveda, who was appointed miners second from the bottom of the mine. Lives of the miners after the saved, and the transition from ordinary workers into media celebrity, a new challenge for them. Television cameras follow their progress.

Around the world, they are regarded as heroes, but at home they become the object of envy. "Everyone thinks we are now rich. In fact, our suffering is much greater than they imagine," said Galleguillos.

Henriquez insisted, they are not heroes. "If there is a hero, it is God-given spirit that kept us united," he said. To keep the spirit of his colleagues, every day Henriquez recited some verses of Scripture.

Scripture Henriquez was loaned to the museum for display. Other items on display including a helmet joined the miners, who brought Sepulveda rock samples from the bottom of the mine, drill used to dig a hole to save them, as well as a flag of Chile, signed by all 33 miners.

Goodbye Edwin Van Der Sar

Former Manchester United's Dutch goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar, say goodbye to the public on Wednesday (08/04/2011), in front of 53,000 fans Ajax. That was done after the match at the Ajax Arena farewell.

"I want to thank everyone in the stadium ... thank you for all your support over the years," said Van der Sar told the audience at the Ajax Arena, where he began his career in 1990.

Goalkeeper who has a 1.97 meters high is a member of the "Dream Team", which reinforced Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Dirk Kuyt, Edgar Davids, Rio Ferdinand and DennisBergkamp, ​​who played for an hour against the Dutch giants, Ajax Amsterdam.

Given a standing ovation by the audience, when Van der Sar left the field several minutes before the game was over, which was won by the "Dream Team" with a thin score 2-1, thanks to goals from Louis Saha and Bergkamp.

"He's probably the best goalkeeper ever Manchester United have, but I say probably because we also have Peter Schmeichel," said the legendary Manchester United, Sir Bobby Charlton.

Van der Sar had success with Ajax, where he won the Champions League in 1995. While the Dutch national team, Van der Sar's best achievement is to become 1998 World Cup semifinalists. In any event, Ajax and the Dutch national team had played.

van der sar

Patrick Kluivert, Marc Overmars, Frank Rijkaard, Frank de Boer and his brother Ronald, represented by Ajax, while Bergkamp and Giovanni van Bronckhorst, including players that reinforce the national team.

"Fans of Ajax grateful to Edwin van der Sar," the banner mounted fans.

Overall, Van der Sar won the Champions League with Ajax in 1995 and Manchester United in 2008, four Premier League titles and four Dutch league titles.

The 40-year-old player also holds the record for playing in the Premier League for 1311 minutes without conceding a goal during the 2010-2011 season, and strengthen the Netherlands for 130 games.

He began his career at Ajax (1990-1999) before moving to Juventus (1999-2001), Fulham (2011-2005) and Manchester United (2005-2011). Van der Sar's last official game played at Wembley on May 28, having conquered Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Battles Two Cartel, Gulf and Zetas, profitable Mexico Military

Mexican military seriously counting down the days to quell the drug in that country. Are two of the Zetas drug cartel and the Gulf is the culprit drug violence in the country. Well, according to AP and AFP on Thursday (04/08/2011), the two groups was the middle of hostile great. The spat living dead to fight over control of smuggling routes of drugs from Mexico into the U.S.. That means the military can take advantage of that opportunity.

Current, the Mexican military announced the arrest of a member of the Zetas cartel named Valdemar Quintanilla Soriano. Military suspected, he was the second person in the organization's financial forbidden.

Valdemar Soriano Quintanilla was arrested in the northern city of Saltillo in the state of Coahuila. There, weapons and cash were also found. Another suspect of the Zetas cartel, Jose Guadalupe Yanez Martinez, was also detained. "During the last month, Soriano Quintanilla often visited Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, Saltillo and Monclova in Coahuila to manage financial affairs as well as payments to officers who worked for this criminal organization," said Colonel Ricardo Trevilla, a spokesman for the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense.

The main suspect of the other Zetas cartel, Rejón Jesus Enrique Aguilar, was also detained last month. The cartel was formed by former members of special forces soldiers of Mexico.

Rejón previously a member of the Mexican army special forces. However, he chose desertion in 1999, said officials of the country.

Zetas group initially served as mercenaries in order to secure the interests of the Gulf cartel. But then Zetas choose its own path, and against his former employer in a battle for narcotics smuggling routes

Courts Allow Rumsfeld Sued

A federal court judge said the former U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld can be sued personally by a U.S. military contractor who claims he was tortured while detained for nine months in a prison in Iraq.

The court did not disclose the name of the contractor who is a U.S. Army veteran 50-year-old. Lawyers call the contractor that the contractor was repeatedly tortured while detained in Camp Cropper, a U.S. military facility in Baghdad.

In its claim, the contractor was called Rumsfeld violated constitutional rights because of personal SCARA allow the use of interrogation techniques of torture and forbade him to get a fair trial.

Obama, who represents the government Rumsfeld argued that the former Secretary of Defense can not be sued personally when making decisions when serving as minister but Judge James Gwinn disagreed. 

16th Spot In Golf World's Top 100 Golf Courses In England Awarded For ST Enodoc

Among Cornwall’s the majority of magical, Street Enodoc, may be granted sixteenth place within Golfing World’s Best 100 golf course within Britain, a brand new position sequence how the journal offers put together in colaboration with Polo Rob Lauren.

The very best 3 slot machines within the position had been guaranteed through Regal Birkdale, Sunningdale Aged as well as Woodhall Health spa respectively with several golf gemstones present in Britain, Street Enodoc is actually thrilled to become situated in the very best 20.

“The entire group from Street Enodoc is actually honored in order to position therefore extremely within Golfing World’s Best 100 golf course within Britain as well as such exalted organization! ” states Tuck Clagett, Common Supervisor associated with Street Enodoc.

“The membership offers spent a good deal, each monetarily as well as actually, during the last 10 years to create the actual Chapel Program current because from the technical breakthroughs associated with modern times. All of us introduced Chris McEvoy in whose delicate modifications had been made to toughen in the moving, meandering design whilst matching it's magnificent as well as historical Northern Cornwall functions. Obviously within the eye from the golf globe, it was exercised nicely. ”

Because it's business within 1890, this particular tournament hyperlinks offers obtained several plaudits such as leading the actual current Best 100 golf course Best-in-County position within Cornwall as well as within Golfing World’s present Best 100 golf course within UNITED KINGDOM as well as Ireland in europe, Street Enodoc is actually in a position from quantity 37. Worldwide, well-respected Golfing Absorb ALL OF US journal rated the actual program 55th on the planet away from ALL OF US last year.

Certainly Street Enodoc is among the UK’s the majority of highly regarded hyperlinks monitors as well as testament in order to it's high quality, the actual Chapel Program offers located several novice golfing occasions, such as the British Females Novice Tournament within 1993 as well as 2002 and also the British Areas Tournament within 1989 as well as 2005.

McEvoy, among the people from the knowing solar panel for that Golfing Globe position, stated associated with Street Enodoc, “St Enodoc is very a unique location. Within an grow older exactly where programs appear to have to be 7, 500 back yards lengthy to become regarded as challenging, this appears happily for example associated with exactly how subtlety may nevertheless check the very best. An authentic hyperlinks; it's a program which pleasures via range. ”

Golfing Globe prides by itself upon providing respected program ratings and it is GB&I Best 100 may be operating with regard to a lot more than twenty five many years. This is actually the very first time nevertheless how the book offers rated golf course within the 4 house countries with an person foundation.

The actual ratings had been made the decision with a specially-selected British solar panel which showcased most of the country’s golf luminaries such as dual Main champion Tony a2z Jacklin, Ryder Mug celebrity Oliver Wilson, Western Visit champion Graeme Surprise, broadcaster Bruce Critchley in addition to top program creative designers Martin Hawtree, Ross McMurray as well as Chris McEvoy.

Nexus S The New Smartphone from Google

Nexus S is the second brand smartphones made by Google to boost the popularity of Android. This is the first smartphone on the market that use the latest version of the Android operating system 2.3 or called Gingerbread. If Google's first smartphone Nexus HTC manufactured phones manufacturers, Nexus S produced the South Korean company, Samsung.

Computational performance supported Samsung Cortex A8 processor (Hummingbird) 1 GHz and 16GB of internal memory memory, and graphical processing units (GPU) of its own. Not only are perfectly supports multitasking, Nexus S can also be a Wi-Fi hotspots, internet callling support, and the first Android smartphone is equipped with a chip called Near Field Communication (NFC) to read the digital barcode which is estimated to be used in a variety of future products.

Google and Samsung also use the Contour Display 4 inches for the first time in the Nexus S. Super thin AMOLED screen is coated with a strong glass, antigores, antidebu, and antibekas fingerprint so that it remains clear at any time. Images that appear on the screen also remains clearly visible under exposure to sunlight and is claimed to reflect the light 75 percent less than other smartphones.

nexus s

Software and the latest version of Google's mobile application also has embedded in it such as Google Search, Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Mobile Instant, Voice Actions, Gmail, and Google Earth. Nexus S can also access more than 100,000 applications from the Android Market. Another feature is the Voice Actions to perform almost any command from the menu to play music, send SMS, calls, navigating, and so on.

After December 16, 2010, Nexus S can be purchased online through T-Mobile or outlets as Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile in the U.S. and began December 20, 2010 available at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy in the UK. Interestingly, the Nexus-S is not in lock so users are free to use any service.

Nexus S Specifications:

Quad-band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Tri-band HSPA: 900, 2100, 1700
Type HSPA: HSDPA (7.2Mbps) HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
Wi-Fi 802.11 n / b / g
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
microUSB 2.0

4.0-inch WVGA (480x800)
Contour Display with curved glass screen
235 ppi
Capacitive touch sensor
Anti-fingerprint coating displays

Size 63mm x 123.9mm x 10.88mm
Weight 129 grams

Haptic vibration feedback
Three-axis gyroscope
Digital compass
Proximity sensors
Light sensor

Samsung Cortex A8 processor 1GHz (Hummingbird)
INAND 16GB of internal memory flash memory
512 MB RAM memory

Rear five-megapixel camera (2560x1920) support HD Video
Front camera VGA (640x480)
3.5mm stereo headset jack and noise cancellation
FM Radio

Type lithum Ion 1500 mAh
6.7 hours of talk time on 3G and 14 hours on 2G
17.8 days standby time on 3G and 29.7 days in the 2G

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Android Market
Google Earth
Google Maps with Navigation
Google Search
Google Talk
Google Voice
Voice Actions

Hosni Mubarak on Trial

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could not evade justice. Brought to a hospital gurney, Mubarak attended the hearing held at the police academy in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Wednesday (08/03/2011).

Hosni Mubarak, facing charges of corruption and ordering the killing of the demonstrators. He was tried along with his two sons, Alaa and Gamal, in the trial which led the judge Ahmed Refaat.

Reuters news agency reported, Alaa and Gamal wearing a white shirt, uniform defendants in the courtroom. They were tried along with nine other people with the same charges.

"I ask you all calm," the judge Refaat remind visitors of the courtroom.

Like the other defendants, during the trial, Hosni Mubarak and his two sons are placed inside the cage. Alaa and Gamal stood at the bedside of their father.

hosni mubarak
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on trial for lying on a gurney and in a cage in Cairo, Egypt
In TV footage shown occasionally they talk to the father. The trial was broadcast live on national television.

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak arrived in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to undergo its first meeting on Wednesday (08/03/2011). Hosni Mubarak is facing charges of corruption and murder.

Since his fall, was hospitalized Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh. From the hospital, Mubarak was taken by ambulance to Sinai airport to be flown to Cairo on a military plane equipped with medical equipment.

Outside the academy, hundreds of Egyptians gathered. There are proponents and opponents of Hosni Mubarak. Had been a clash between the two sides before the police control the situation.

IE user have lower IQ ?

Results of a survey conducted Aptiquant consulting firm in the UK showed that users of Microsoft's browser Internet Explorer had an average IQ is lower than any other browser users, such as Chrome, Firefox, Camino, Opera, and Safari. This report has sparked outrage from supporters of Internet Explorer and threatening Aptiquant into the realm of law.

As quoted by BBC News, Tuesday (08/02/2011), Aptiquant do research on the Internet Explorer browser users, Chrome, Camino, Firefox, and Safari. In this study, each volunteer is asked to do IQ tests over the web, then they are mapped according to the value of the browser they use. Internet Explorer users turn out to have an average IQ is lower than people using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Camino and Opera users have the highest rates.

Researchers provide a free online IQ test to more than 100,000 people. The results showed that users of Internet Explorer had an average IQ of 80. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari scored an IQ over 100, while the user's browser Opera and Camino has a value of "very high" that is 120.

However, Aptiquant stressed that users of Internet Explorer does not mean having a low intelligence. There is no reciprocity in this survey. "The study does not actually say that if you have an IQ lower then most likely you will be using Internet Explorer," said Leonard Howard, CEO Aptiquant.

However, such action was denounced Professor David Spiegelhalter of the Statistical Laboratory of Cambridge University. He said that Aptiquant have used this study only as a form of skepticism. "They have the numbers that users of Internet Explorer 6 IQ around 80. I believe these figures are absurd and insulting to Internet Explorer users," said David.

Related to criticism from users of Internet Explorer and criticism of Professor David Howard said he did not feel threatened by lawsuits. "Victory in court would only give stamp of approval and krdibilitas more to our report," he said.

Crop Circle: From UFO, Satan, Up to Trickery

Crop circles or circular pattern on the farm, reportedly first appeared in England in 1647. Widely publicized appearance in the media since the late 1970s. This phenomenon is most mysteriously appear at night.

Crop circles are almost always associated with the story of UFOs (Unidentified flying object), despite the fact that, most of the patterns were evident due to man-made or natural factors. Only about 20 percent of the ihwalnya still a mystery, until now.

Here, a number of corp circle from time to time:

1647: The Mowing Devil or "Satan's Cutting '

Year 1647 marked the first appearance of crop circles. Its location in Berkshire, England. This phenomenon is recorded in a pamphlet d pieces of wood and known as 'The Mowing Devil'. The pamphlet tells of a farmer who refused to cut the cost of wheat is too, and claimed to prefer to hire the devil. Mentioned, crop circles that appeared in 1647 was likely the work of the devil.

1880: Report of the Journal Nature

Someone named Brandon Meland report to the journal Nature. He claimed to find some giant circle-shaped pattern on his farm. He suspected it had something to do with wind nipple-pickaxe.

1966: The cornerstone of flying saucers in Tully, Australia

The news about the existence of crop circles had subsided over the decades. News about the strange phenomenon that exploded back in 1966 in Tully, Australia. A banana farmer, George Pedley, said she saw an object like a flying saucer shot from a lagoon area. Pedley then found a large circular formation, which then touted the area's former flying saucer landing.

Police investigation found there were five similar formations near that location. Concluded, it is the result of 'Willy-willy', a small circular storms in the tropics.

1978: Crop-made Bower and Chorley


In the 1970's, crop circles outbreak in the UK and attracted the attention of world media. In 1978, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley started making crop circles at night. They hope it will attract media attention. However, their attempts always fail because it kept the wind swept. In 1981, they made more complex formations in Winchester.

Just the way they unfold in 1991 and they admit it in public. The reason: Bower had to convince his wife that he was often out at night is not for cheating.

After Chorley died suddenly in 1996, Bower worked alone makes corp circle, this time for the sake of art.

1991: Barbury Castle Formation


Increasingly complex crop circle formations in the 1980's. Crop circle at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire showed a much more complicated pattern. This is the first time, there is a crop circle that looks do not simeteris and claimed is a mathematical proof of the pattern of the universe. The origins of crop circles is still a mystery until now.

1992: Crop Circle Competition Buckinghamshire

A total of 12 teams competed to create the best crop circle hoax for the sake of fighting over a prize of 5200 pounds.

Great work began. There is a team that even using a helicopter to lower a pipe and ladder. There also are choosing a simple way, using a lawn mower. According to organizers, the participants' work proves that the crop circles as complex as any human could be just a hoax.

1992: Crop Circle Hoax Author Sentenced

In Hungary, two ambitious young farmer for the first time brought to justice because of crop circles. Just 17 years old, Gabor Takacs and Robert Dallos making crop circles in wheat fields are large outside Budapest. Three months later, they acknowledged that act on television. Farm owners who growled finally demanded their top causes the damage they have.

1995: Birth of

In 1995, the group Circlemakers create a site containing various information about crop circles, online discussion forums, and even instructions on how to make crop circles.

In 2002, the Discovery Channel asked graduates of the University MIT, Boston, USA, to make crop circles and document them in a documentary titled: "Crop Circles: Mystery In The Fields." The purpose of the event to show the appearance of this circular pattern could be just a feint -power alone. (Source: | kd)

New Apollo mosaic was discovered

Archaeologists discover a mosaic god Apollo over 2000 years old excavation on a hill in Rome. In these mosaics, Apollo is depicted naked and surrounded by devotees. His body simply decorated colorful coat at the shoulder.

"This is an important discovery. Mozaik in perfect condition and comes from the era between 64-109 AD," said Umberto Broccoli, Head of the Department of Culture Government of the City of Rome told reporters as quoted by AFP on Saturday (07/30/2011).

Apollo mosaic was discovered in a wall 16 meters wide and 2 meters high. It is estimated, there is the 8-meter-high wall that is still embedded. The wall was part of the underground galleries of ancient Baths of Trajan, the structure near the palace of Nero, the Domus Aurea.

Apollo mosaics used to decorate the room where the noble Roman galleries gathered to listen to music and discuss art. Mosaic discovered so far are composed of tesserae bronze color. Archaeologists hope to find another mosaic through further excavation.

Apollo is depicted in the mosaic is a symbol of light, the sun, prophecy, truth, healing, art and more. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, is the party responsible for the death of Achilles. Apollo is known as a lover of men and women and have many children.