The Next Porsche Supercar

Supercar War in the global car marketplace increasingly heated. If Hyundai is poised with a weapon, Porsche did not want to miss. Car manufacturer from Stuttgart is reportedly preparing a Porsche GT engine in front and will be launched between 2014 or 2015.

Porsche call this GT Coupe  as a new generation of 928 or called 929. This supercar will be competing with DN9 Aston Martin, Bentley Continental and Ferrari California. At the same time, Porsche also prepared a short chassis as the GT coupe Panamera next generation.

Interestingly, Juliana Cho, a student who has graduated from a program of vehicle design at the Royal College of Art, had a hand in developing the ideas of design 929, although he was under the strict supervision of Porsche's design boss Michael Mauer.

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"Currently, there are no plans to give birth Panamera" facelift ". We hope, they immediately create a second generation," said the source of the Porsche.

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