John, The Osama Killer

CIA agent who is responsible to track and ultimately killing Osama bin Laden may be revealed because of the disguise he wore a tie.

The man, known only as "John", is a career CIA analyst whose job for nearly a decade of hunting down leaders of Al Qaeda terrorist network. His full name are strictly kept confidential. However, now, an internet spy-hunter believes he may have identified the agent of a set of photographs of the White House, including the now famous photograph that shows when the senior White House official watching a Navy SEAL forces stormed the hideout of Osama.

The men are believed to be the mastermind behind the attacks that killed Osama Bin Laden seen in the background while Barack Obama spoke with members of the national security team after a successful mission of hunting Osama. Note the arrow.

Last week the CIA told the AP news agency reporters that John was in the room (senior officials) at the time (watching a Navy SEAL) is but he is outside the frame. Spyhunter John Young, as reported by The Daily Mail on Thursday (07/07/2011), then studied the photo and noticed a tall man with a yellow patterned tie standing outside the frame (which was caught on camera just tie it). Young then examine and compare the photo with another photo taken at the same time and found a man wearing a yellow patterned tie it in full view.

AP News stated, "two days after the death of Osama ', John accompanied CIA Director, Leon Panetta, to Capitol Hill to testify before the Senate intelligence committee about the operation. Young then examine a photograph when Panetta left the meeting on May 3, and clearly visible in the background of the man with the same tie, yellow patterned.

Almost all the officials involved in the hunt for Osama has been keeping their identities secret strictly for their own safety. They did not want his name associated with the operation of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

CIA analyst named John was the first person in writing, last summer, stating that they may have instructions telling to find Osama. She inspected the pile of instructions that directs the CIA to bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He was among those who strongly believe that Obama told the President that Osama might be behind that wall.

The CIA has confirmed that it will not allow John to speak to reporters. The Associated Press approved the CIA's request not to publish his full name and withhold certain details from the biography that he would not be the target of a counterattack. They were told, "Call him John, his middle name."

John's ability to see the highlights of the details that seem unimportant, namely weaving strands of diverse information into meaningful story, gave him a certain place to hunt down terrorists. John McLaughlin, deputy CIA director who is often called John in the days after the 2001 attacks, saying, "He could always give you the broader implications of all the details that we collect." One of his former boss admitted that he did not know exactly what position John. "I knew he was in the room that I always listen," the official said. 


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